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Thicker hand grips

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pizool, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    i am looking for advice or experience with thicker hand grips as i have a big hand, i am looking at a set of anti vibration foam grips only because i am hoping they will be thicker over all.
    help please

  2. You have a good excuse to fit heated grips which are fatter also, much better even when they're off.
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  3. sorry i made that mistake , biggest problem is my grips feel way too small in my hands could be long fingers, the anti vibe foam grips come as a set
  4. look up "pussy grips"

    lol i can imagine how this will go....
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  5. Yup got pussy grips and I think they make a difference in reducing vibration and yes bigger girth for a larger hand. There is a knack to fitting them (look up YouTube) and important they don't slip.
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  6. pussy grips.

    the previous owner chucked em on my bike. they are noticeably thicker than other grips, and do dull vibrations
  7. I thought they were called grip puppys,I have a set over my Oxford Heated Grips and that works great.I thought they might melt but no,reduces vibs and works great in cold and wet conditions.Take care not to tear them putting them on
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  8. pussy grips and grip puppies are the 2 brands I know of and both work well....

    This thread reminds me I need to get some for the Triumph
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  9. Grip Puppies: I've used them for years, much better size for me and allow the heat from the heated grips through without a problem.

    They are usually longer than needed for most bikes, so they should be cut to size to fit properly. I've found it best to measure the length needed and cut before fitting, and a judicious application of soapy water on the inside will help the Grip Puppy slide on without too much drama; but make sure that it's dried out before you go riding. Turning the Grip Puppy instead of the throttle doesn't give much acceleration ;)
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  10. Hi, I found appying a little 'blue tac' under the ends of the grips stopped them slipping.
  11. I got some grip puppies from the ebay store posted earlier by Andrew. Can't decide if I like them and have put them on and taken them off a couple of times.
  12. I am a big fan of Pussy Grips. Reduces vibration and allows control with a lighter grip so less tiring on a longer ride.
  13. Cheers all
    thanks I found grip puppies and will be ordering a set, thanks again this is a great forum and great people on it.
  14. I hadn't heard of this accessory and tried Google.

    Do not do an image search :wideyed:
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  15. I've got a pair of the pussies on my bike. Very happy. I didn't have any trouble fitting them, and they haven't moved once.
    Added 5-6mm to the diameter of my grips.
  16. I tried both puppies and pussys. The puppies have a longer length cut. I found the pussys to be better a tighter fit. Both are good either way
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  17. Informative but hilarious at the same time.

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  18. There's a law against this sort of thing, where I live...
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