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THey're at it again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, May 16, 2005.

  1. TWO motorbike riders, one with a passenger, were caught doing nearly 180km/h in southern Victoria, police said today.

    Officers using a handheld radar allegedly detected the pair travelling at 179km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Bass Highway, near Phillip Island.
    One of the men, who was carrying a pillion passenger, was expected to be charged with reckless conduct endangering life, while the other man would be charged with riding at a dangerous speed and exceeding the prescribed content of alcohol, police said.
  2. What absolute d!ckheads. With things like this making headline news at the moment the cops are going to be targeting bike hoons in particular and these knobs decide to go riding at warp speed. Fools. :evil:
  3. Ya get that :wink:
  4. How did they know they were men?
  5. I am thinking the crackdown on bikes is getting closer with knobheads doing this sort of thing. At least keep the speeds below 140 k/mh if you want to do this stuff, at least that speed won't make headlines.
  6. The pillion was a 12 year old as well according to the 3AW news this morning.
  7. Warp speed, 12 yr-old pillion, and 1 of them on the grog.

    Everything needed to push Mr & Mrs Talkback's buttons.

  8. Theres nothing you can do about other people
    You have to be rtesponsable for your own actions , its as simple as that .

    As far as mr talk back
    what about these
    your first arguement is well 2 bikes got done for speeding .
    have a look at what happened in the car sector tthis weekend ,
    67 cars caught speeding (just on 2 roads ).....little bit differant to TWO
  9. 67 to 2 may be a good proportional split of cars vs bikes in general, so therefore cars and bikes have the same percentage of idiots riding them.

    anyway, how many people on the weekend opened up the throttle on a public road (cars and bikes), but didn't end up facing charges? It's like a tree falling in the woods... If there is no cop to book you, were you really speeding? :LOL: :LOL:

    I am of the view that speed in itself is not inherently dangerous, but rather the situations you choose to apply it. ..On the grog or with a 12 year old pillion is not the right situation. :x
  10. Let's not point fingers here

    The proportion of car drivers versus bike riders detected breaking the law is NOT the point. Just cos cage drivers are stupid doesn't excuse us from doing the same thing.
    The fact is that car drivers represent a significantly larger proportion of road users than motorcyclists and so therefroe SHOULD outnumber us in statistics.
    But, as I've noted before, pointing the finger at the car drivers is NOT the issue. We have to keep OUR backyard clean and don't worry about them, because you may be sure that, regardless of the statistics (which bureaucrats will manipulate to suit their own agendas anyway) if the crunch comes it will be US, not the car drivers, who are legislated against. We represent a smaller voting block, a less powerful lobby group and a membership that can be much more easily mistreated by discriminatory legislation than car drivers.
    So tell your mates and friends....they are in grave danger of permanently curtailing our freedom.
  11. I was kind of thinking that the recent avalanche of "bad boy hoon biker" stories would drop off once the CityLink thing had gone through and public support for two-wheelers was at an all time low just in time for the protest.

    But that's the conspiracy theorist in me.
  12. Re: Let's not point fingers here

    Car drivers are also the point .
    for each arguement that they use against motorcyclist , our defense is the record of car drivers.
    cars are excepted and used widely amoungs the community and that does not give them a free ticket to wipe there slate clean .
    8 people died this weekend (car drivers) , all or nearly all contributed to speed , just because there are more of them on the road doesnt make it ok .
    there are more trucks on the road than bikes , did they beat us in stats as well , most likely not , so using ratio 's for stats is not the way to go .

    you have to be accountable for your own actions , you CAN'T be accountable for someone elses actions .
    you cant control what athers are going to do.

    when you compare road stats and they want to use them against motorcyclist , then you compare them directly against the cars and its not as bad as what it looks .

    stats can be manipulated to reflect anything you want it too , but the point is , if they are going to high light the 2 riders that were pinged on the weekend , well then we high light the cars like i did , and when you compare the 2 we are far less a problem than they are .
  13. The thing is, in the last week or 2 Mr & Mrs Talkback have heard about:

    - the 230 km/h learner on the ringroad,

    - the stunters on the Eastern, and now

    - these losers with the 12 year-old pillion.

    And one other bike-related story of course - CityLink. Which is an issue on which we'd like to sway public opinion in our direction.

    Since most non-riders will think "why should they get any favours when it comes to tolls", it'd be good to get some positive bike-related stories in the media.

    When The Age runs a poll on rider behaviour, we clearly have an image problem at the moment. Don't blame the newspaper - the only people who created the present situation are riders like the ones who've been getting their activities in the media lately.
  14. Firstly 180 is not warp speed, far from it! Being that they were out of town where it's the most appropriate time for people to go for a blast is completely normal. They weren't doing this on a main street in town which by some of your reactions you would have thought they were. Granted yes, they screwed up that one of em had been drinking which I think is a huge NO with bikes, but all you people cracking it about the speed they were doing sound like your middle to late age whiny knobs. I mean who on a sportsbike doesn't hit over 200 through their favorite spot like those huge sweepers through the otways? If you only ever take your bike to 140 then great for you but don't go joining the cagers rhetoric by saying 180 is insane...if it's in the right spot then it's quite safe on a bike designed to go much faster than that.
    Too many mid life crisis bikers on this site that only got into bikes late because the convertible was too much moula and now preach like they are some last bastion of the sensible image bikes are supposed to have. Ten years back bikers had a much worse public image so what are you all b*tching about?? Don't get caught up in the media hype or the rantings of Mr I'm on a 250 at age 40 and want to tell everyone how to obey the law, just ride stupid!!
  15. My rule for myself is simple , if you want to give it a fist full , it's usually coz there's a nice big chunk of straight in front of you , .......with a cop at the other end radar in hand. Because he/she knows that this road is good for giving it a fistfull :wink:
    It amazes me that people lose there licence for turning a throttle , in a straight line , no skill in that. Why not concentrate on enjoying your cornering , that could never get boring .
    Join a race club or go on a track day at the Island , get it out of your system :) , thats what I do , heaps of fun , and no worrying about fines just flat tack speed and corners ...no cops mmmmmmmmmmm no cops .............. :D

    cheers michael
  16. word that :? lesson learnt for me, if it looks like a great place to open her up, then it is, and others have done it before you, and coppers know this :wink:

    goddamn expensive lesson tho :(

    and yeah, i dont really know if this crap is newsworthy, but i spose its the flavor of the month. they're both dumb for one reason or another, but not the actual speeding IMO. drink riding, yep, thats pretty dumb. carrying a 12 year old pillion on a high speed run, yep, not real smart either. but if not drunk and not carrying a pillion, whats the harm? so long as they pick a nice quiet stretch of road, they're not gunna hurt anyone. ahwell, its against the law, they knew that, now they get to have some fun in court :D
  17. There was a thread about this earlier, but it appears to be deleted....not sure why?
  18. The Bass Hwy at the night IS NOT an appropiate place to travel at 80km/h over the posted limit, I just hope they weren't coming back from the Hartwell Stars of Tomorrow meeting at Phillip Island at the time.

    Back roads, yes.
    Daylight so you can see obstacles, yes.
    Major Highway, no
    Dark, no
    Underage pillion, no

    Also warp speed on a race track and on the road for some reason are slightly different.