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They wonder why we don't trust them

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ljiljan, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Today I was heading home from a bbq in Wolli Creek/Earlwood area, along Homer street. As I approached Bexley Rd, a HWP came up behind me, all lights and sounds. He popped onto the other side of the road to pass the queue, turned right through the red in front of traffic (albeit safely), and down towards the M5. I split through to the lights and it turned green as I got there, so I gave some chase to see what the rush was.

    The good officers turned right through another red onto the M5 on ramp, but strangely weren't pushing through traffic. Instead they were slowing. Weird. When my light came up, I turned onto the m5 as well. Lo and behold, there were our protagonists, setting up the radar to catch people speeding up the hill from the tunnel.

    I recounted the events in my head, sensationalist media style. Two people were late for work. They put public life and limb at danger by not keeping left, running red lights and speeding, all just to get there destination quicker. Otherwise known as blatant hoons who should be kept off our roads at all costs. Throw them in gaol and ditch the key. Crush their car, they don't deserve to drive. The way I see it is 4 three point offences within 60 seconds - 12 points, that's your license. A reckless/dangerous driving charge could quite easily be added to that, not sure if that carries a mandatory court appearance, can't remember. Either way, we are looking at serious walking time. Oh and by the way, they were wearing some sort of uniform and had a badge in their pocket, which apparently makes it all ok. :-s

    I honestly wonder who they think they are helping, everyone who witnessed them would have been put incredibly offside by those events alone, particularly given it was all in the effort to get a speed trap set up. I'm a strong supporter of police work typically, I think they have a bloody hard job and cope as well as can be expected. But sometimes they are their own worst enemies, it's acts like these that make me wonder if they deserve the tags of "the filth" or "pigs". Who are we letting take our licenses off us? Not happy.

  2. Their station & area commanders really would actually be interested in hearing about this - HWP officers are not popular amongst their non-HWP peers.
  3. heh. yeh. but it's my word against theirs. And I could do without the extra "enforcement" that could come with challenging a cop at their own game.
  4. Lilley Not necessarily. GPS and Data Logging. They wouldn't necessarily require testimony. They could get the info from the computers.
  5. Hey wouldn't you if you could ???? I know I would.
    If it really does make your skin crawl. Stand on your pegs and get the number off the car. Its on the roof. Send it in an email to the states Police ethical standards comitee with your complaint. They will act. The S.I. won't.
    But yes you do have to give your name and address and this is given to the officer you are making the complaint about.
    And yup you will become the center of their attantion for a long time to come if you do.
    No its not fair or just. but who would want that job anyway.

  6. GoPro time ](*,)](*,)](*,)
  7. Yeh, I would actually feel pretty confident with one of those.
  8. Nah, you want one that records your GPS location & speed too.

    I was going to import them to resell under a trademark I licensed from the UK by the video quality is abysmal.
  9. It happens all the time. Cops get called to a priority job (lights and sirens) and then something happens and they no longer need to attend (other cars get there first so no longer required, job turns out to be not priority, false alarm etc). There doesn't have to be anything sinister about it. It's typical of attitudes on here that you assume the worst when you don't have any facts about the situation.
  10. But perception IS reality. And it's not anything to do with the attitudes on here.
  11. So. Correct me where I went wrong. His lights are on, and he goes through the tail of a green (though it was definitely red when he went through) onto a motorway on ramp. Once on the on ramp, he slows down and turns the lights off. 50 metres further, he has stopped and has his radar up.

    Where is my assumption? When he first passed me, I assumed he was on an errand. After all, that is a natural assumption. It as his actions later that corrected that assumption.
  12. No Lilley, you are jumping to conclusions at the expense of our revered upholders of the speed limit.
    They had obviously been called out on a rescue mission to save a poor kitten whose life had been endangered by a motorcyclist doing 3kph over the limit on that on-ramp. When they got there it had unfortunately passed away, so they drop-kicked it into the shrubbery and set up the camera to prevent the untimely loss of further feline existence.
  13. On more than 1 occasion I have seen officers, in both marked and unmarked cars use their lights+sirens to get through red traffic lights only to turn the off the moment they get through the intersection. Just a coincidence Im sure.
  14. Not a cop story, this one involves an ambulance: I witnessed this nearly 40 years ago as a passenger in the family's Kingswood at George St Hornsby...

    Now on a Sunday afternoon with everyone returning from the Central Coast to Sydney, the traffic heading south can banked up to Asquith and beyond (ie. a number of kms). I heard a siren, looked behind to see an ambulance with all light flashing approaching using the wrong side of the road. I assumed they were on their way to an accident or as we were near Hornsby hospital, it was ferrying some poor soul off to Emergency. It went past us remaining on the wrong side of the road until it was approximately level with Hornsby railway station where it merged back in, mounted the footpath and stopped.

    Anyway, we finally caught up with the ambulance (after about 10 minutes of crawling) expecting to see some carnage or some other medical reason for the rush... what did we witness? Two ambulance personnel stuffing their faces with hamburgers, chips and drinks outside the local fish-n-chip shop!
  15. 40 years ago... why bring it up?
  16. Did you consider that maybe they were called about someone driving dangerously and were given instructions to set up a trap for them?

    Look, I dislike the overzealous speed enforcement frack as much as the next guy, but unless you're in command of all of the facts of a situation, how the frack can you possibly pass judgement?
  17. No. Because the 5 km before this is a two lane tunnel in which you simply cannot overtake anyone. And before that is southern cross drive. Nah, he would have been picked up already.

    Because that is a fairly regular spot for the fuzz.
  18. Well, maybe it happened before the tunnel, but they couldn't collar them by then.

    Why don't you call them up and ask them? Just explain what you saw, and ask if that's normal operational policy?

    By the way, I use the word "frack" in a totally friendly way. If my previous post seems harsh, its not intended to be rude :p
  19. Do as I say - Not as I do