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They want to take my bike away!! [sa]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by rodgonzbea, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. This sucks.. back in November, Id just bought my bike off this lad..took it to the shop to do some repairs,then hometo do sme more work on it.. one morning after dropping th littl monsters off to school, i take the bike for a test ride down the road..id been working on the timing th night b4 and put the tank back..etc. OK, the bike wasnt registered yet.. but i was going to do it if it was working fine... anyhow..i live like 4 blocks away frm the beach..so i ride down th hill, stopped ath beach to have a walk.. get back on th bike to go home...im doing like 30, 40 kms..tops... this unmarked car that was waiting just down from where I was parked, does a u turn and pulls me over.. To make th story short..yes, im sorry, yes I knew th bike was unregistered, my fault... il pay th tckt.. i deserve it..(I know I do) He turns and he says..look you have unregstrd/unlicensed for 2 cars,1 back in 2007, and b4 in 2003.. Hoon law applies and we are impounding your bike 4 a week!!! :eek:
    It gets better.. now I have to go to court bcause the hoon law mandates them to apply so they permanently take my bike away...I mean..all fun apart.. its my transport.. I work in a publc hosp about 40 kms away, doing all sorts of hours, got kids, mortgage, etc.. know i fkkd up, ill pay the ticket..tow truck, coffee break doughnuts, etc....but CMON!!! i wasnt hooning, doing wheelies or burnouts!! (Not that my old rattler could..anyway!) :cry:
    I was doing like 30 ks an hour...I owned up to my fault.. They even stopped at my house a couple of days later and DNA tested me in front of my kids!! they had a form that said that if I refused...they could force me to anyway...thats bs..
    I dont know what to do or say.. cant afford a lawyer.. I know i made a mistake,but i thnk they are hitting me a bit hard.. what do you thnk?

  2. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    I think -- why the hell do they need a dna test ? --- are you a murder suspect ?
  3. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    Hey I kno im ugly..but.. look..I have nothng to be fearful about.. i gave thm the damn sample.. if anythng it can prove that i hvnt done anythng that serious.. the D said that everyone gets sampled now... dnt thnk so..
  4. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    I would like to see the legislation about that and why its required for what is a basically a traffic offence

    and people say I am crazy when I say that we live in a tyranny
  5. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    a little off-topic, I'm sorry, but I heard something about the UK police taking DNA samples with all arrests (similiar to compulsary fingerprinting)

    perhaps, laughable as it is, Adelaide Police forensics are searching for the 'hoon' gene :D
  6. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    So this is your 3rd offence in 7yrs. You say it's your transport and you need to get to work, but if the bike is unregistered can't you just use the transport you have been using and chalk this down to experience?
  7. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    if and when you do get the bike back make it a priority to get it registered and stop piss farting around riding unregistered vehicles

    good luck with your court case
  8. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    No sympathy.
  9. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    Legal aid
  10. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    it does seem like a bum rap but I would like to think if it was a first offense the out come would have been different. It is hard to be sympathetic since this is the 3rd time you've been done for the same offense.

    As for the DNA test I would have told them to piss off till they could present some facts as to their powers to take the sample.
  11. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    Can you PLEASE type in ENGLISH and not textspeak?????
    It is verbotten.
    no sympathy third offence
  12. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    I've ridden unregister bikes around the block for testing, but down to the beach to have a perv is taking the piss. That's why the cops are reaming you.

    the DNA thing sounds bollocks and I'd be making a big noise about that.
  13. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    What state was this in?
  14. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    since when does driving unregistered classify as "hooning"?

    i thought hooning involved: racing/burnouts/wheelies/drifting/killing kittens
  15. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    You deserve every single cent of the fine and every single second of the suspension.

    If you'd been picked up on the way to get registered, the case would be different, but you knowingly took an unregistered and therefore uninsured vehicle onto the road.

    Suck it up cinderella, you were an idiot and this is your well earned reward,
  16. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    if there is a criminal enquiryi think it is compulsory now? (from discussions in a commercial law 101 class hahaha)

    if its the third conviction doesnt that make it a more than just traffic law? and if the OP is in SA their laws are weird for hoons, especially when combined with the anti biker laws...

    all that aside, i dont think it would be common practise to get DNA samples in someones home. too much risk of sample contamination & ambiguity!
  17. They've got you by the balls on this one, but hey, third times a charm right?

    Your just going to have to jump through the hoops and hope for the best, and when it's all done, don't so much as fart when your out on the road.

    I wouldn't expect much in the way of sympathy on this one.
  18. You were unregistered? No plate?

    You know what you did wrong, right?
    You stopped.
  19. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    i would normally agree your stance on this, i ridden up the street to check chains adjustments and a few other things without helmet, but i don't test it by riding across to the shops, quick walk around back and from how the first post reads he went to the beach for a walk
  20. Re: They want to take my bike away!!

    Ah now that explains it. If the OP hadn't have been such a goose in his original offence, I'd suggest he take it to the media to highlight the police already abusing the bikie laws. As it stands the public is going to have little sympathy with the OP because what he did was so silly.

    I know very little of the SA bikie laws, but do they require evidence of gang related activity?

    If they found anything off the DNA then the above would be cause for throwing all subsequent discoveries out?