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They stole from the wrong crowd

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Julles, Dec 11, 2015.

  2. nice work
  3. Can we hire those blokes to patrol around Carlton????
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  4. Quality
  5. Sadly if you did that here the thief would end up owning the shop.
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  6. They hit like girls....

    No offence ladies.
  7. Yeah nice work! Although they didn't hit hard enough or often enough. Thought they could've used the helmet to squash his face in but hey, what would I know, I'm a pacifist!
  8. I can't help but wonder if people's (including me) desire to see this sort of vigilante behaviour may be proportionately related to people's discontent with existing laws and punishments being ineffective...
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  9. This makes me sick, seeing someone actually want to steal a scooter... Man there are some twisted people out there
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