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"They" say that everyone crashes a bike eventually.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Tonight proved I shall not be the exception ](*,)

    Tried to take a corner a bit too fast, lowsided at 50-60km/h. Scraped up the alternator cover, minor scrape on the fairing itself, bar end. Knee is a little scraped despite my Draggin's, and a small scrape on my hip where my jacket must have rode up or my pants rode down.

    2010 sucks.
  2. that sucks, but glad to hear you and the bike got away with minor injuries
  3. The grazes are probably kevlar burns.

    Glad you're ok man.
  4. From crash to pics in under 30 minutes!


    Sigh. I hurt one of the only positive things I've had going the last few months :(
  5. Bugger man. At least it was slow and damage only minor.

    You'll be back.
  6. Think of it as a scar - chicks dig scars :)

    Seriously though - you came out pretty well for a 50/60km lowside. best thing you can do is get back out there as soon as possible
  7. Yeah, I took the bike for a shakedown immediately after. It took a few minutes before it'd start again, presumably from being on its side for a minute while I did the "holy shit" and hopped up and grabbed it. Everything SEEMS ok mechanically, but I'll have to go over it tomorrow morning to know for sure. I'm not going to file insurance over cosmetics, but if the forks are twisted or anything like that I'll have to do it.
  8. I have discovered it takes a fair bit to bend forks, I buckled the front rim and my forks were undamaged
  9. So far, crash-landing a broken parachute is a lot worse than crashing a bike at low speed! :rofl: We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning though. Just went and had another peek at the bikeā€¦ pillion peg was folded but seems to have had some asphalt polishing, and a minor minor bit on the swingarm.
  10. That's encouraging.
  11. but you still got to walk away so 2010 could still be considered a good year....
  12. Meh. I have more vaginas than I have good things to say about this year so far.

    on the bright side, I've gotten the crash out of the way, so there's nothing left to be nervous about.
  13. 50k's and that's all the damage you had?

    Either you've grossly over estimated your speed, or you're just flat out amazing.

    Glad to hear you're okay.
  14. er, not quite :)
    your next shower, is going to STING LIKE A biatch. i advise copious, copious amounts of booze.

    glad you're okay. as i'm sure you already know, motorcyclists tend to learn things the hard way. you did well, these things can always end so much worse. still got another whole month of summer, get back on that bike and hit that s**t like it owes you money :)
  15. Yeah recommend you get a couple waterproof bandages just so you can cover it up while you shower for a few days. Not perfect, but they help :). Keep the knee clean though with dettol or similar.
  16. Bikes fix and skin heals; and you already know the reason for the accident so no point going over that either.

    Maybe get some Oggy knobs .... ??
  17. I had just looked at the speedo in the mid 40s and was starting to roll on the throttle, so I figured I'd picked up 5 or so. It does seem to be too little, though.
  18. Good effort.
  19. Sorry to hear about this. It was great that you were wearing Draggin Jeans, I think they saved you from far worse scrapes. Hope you heal fast and that your bike gets straightened out soon.
  20. Hopefully the damage to you and the bike is only cosmetic.