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They said you'd never make it.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gypsy, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. They say that perseverance and determination make you resilient. Well today my resilience was tested. Even though the weather and various other stuff conspired against me and four other brave souls, we all went for our Provisional test today. Constant rain all day soaked us through to the bone, literally. The cold didn't help, nor did the mud, oil, and grime on the roads. But I was determined, and I have to say, am quite proud of myself. Soaked, frozen, nervous, I passed my course on the XVS with ZERO points... That's right, Z E R O..... For all those out there that said it couldn't be done, as long as you believe you can do it, you can.....

    Anyway, just thought I'd share that. Passed my P's, so next time y'all see me I will be unrestricted. Which means I can do above 80k's (well, legally anyway) and I can have a drink or two and still ride (again, legally speaking). But best of all, it means I won't have the L plates displayed for the cagers out there to mistake for a target.....

    Cheers All.....

  2. Good work man.

    I took the truck to work today 'cause the weather sucked so hard.
    Absolute downpour most of today.

    Crappy day for a ride.

    Great day to get the cage sideways though...
  3. Congratulations! And what a day it was, huh? I stayed home today, and I can't tell you how glad I was I didn't have to go out.
    Sorry, but you still need to have zero alcohol level for a year, even if you went from P's straght to 'unrestricted'. It actually does have a couple of conditions still attached: no drinking, and no pillions for another year....
  4. Congrats on passing Gypsy, and bloody well done to have done it on the 650 cruiser.

    I was on the road meself today, so you're not the only one who got rained on.

    WTF it's only water. :LOL:

    Strangely enough I did not see any orange cones on the road?

    I think the P test is a waste of bloody time meself.
    Even if you had failed it, you still have ya L plate and would have ridden home, in the rain, in heavy traffic.

    Must make sense to someone I suppose.
    Fail to negotiate some orange cones at slow speed, but keep riding around at a much higher speed on a public road with cars.

    Queer is as queer does. :LOL:

    But well done lad. Self confidence and pre- practice is the key.
  5. well done gypsy :beer:
  6. Gyspy,
    Congrats :beer:
    Ride on...Enjoy :)
  7. Thanks for all that guys. BTW, the RTA website only mentions the pillion restrictions. Says nothing about 0.0 alcohol limit. I'll confirm once I go into get my licence, but I think if it was the case, they would of mentioned it one the website as it would concern more people than the pillion thing. Here is the only restriction mentioned on the web :-

    You will then be issued with an unrestricted rider licence. Please note that you are prohibited from carrying a passenger until you have held this licence for 12 months.

    Cheers All.....
  8. Big Gypsy, congratulations my man, a great performance :grin:
  9. LAM's still apply for P platers don't they?
  10. He does not have to go thru P because he gone past his puberty long long time ago.
  11. Sorry I forgot.....

    Congratulations Bill !!! Wow ZERO mistakes.

    I knew that the rain would make the mistakes unnoticed by the testing officer.
  12. Way to go Gypsy, especially on that big bloody bike of yours, and in crappy conditions. I got through last Sunday, and it's sure nice to take that L-plate off. Bike seems a whole lot lighter. :grin: I asked about drinking, and the instructor at HART said I'd still be zero BAC for the next year, so I suspect that's probably the deal.
  13. are you sure ? :rofl:

    Well done Bill !
    I want photographic proof though that it was done on the land-yacht :LOL:
  14. Whinge whinge whinge, if its not the rain it's the sun. :wink:
    Congratulations big fella, I'll miss your little yellow card though.
  15. Hey, brilliant stuff. Well done. And zero points is something to be especially proud of on your monster.

    How'd the stoppie test go? :twisted:
  16. You the man ,Bill .
    Never tought the beast would even fit between the cones :LOL:

    :dance: :beer:
  17. Hey guys, just got back from celebrating with some whiskey and cards. I think I just paid for the course today, so I'm quite happy with today's results all around. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. As for puberty, Mick, Ed ought to know. Or have you forgotten that photo from Wollombi Pub.

    Dennis, I'll gift wrap my big yellow plate for you if it means that much to you...

    Anyway, thanks again everyone. See y'all on the road. I think for now I need to sleep.....

    Cheers All.....
  18. Regarding the blood/alcohol limit for mature age riders, I talked to the ladies down at the RTA, checked out their website, rang up the RTA, and even called the police infringement bureau. All are of the same opinion, and that is that when you go from L's to unrestricted mature age rider, the only restriction is not being able to carry a pillion for 12 months. Blood alcohol limit is .05 like evryone else. Not that I encourage drinking and riding or driving, but it is nice to know. If anyone has any evidence to the contrary, I'd be more than interested to know....

    Cheers All....
  19. Nice going with the zero points in the wet. What a great looking bike.
    Thanks for clarifying the booze issue.
  20. I got my licence back in November and being mature aged when I passed they said they only things that applied to us still was no pillioning for 12 months or drinking.
    As you said Gypsy the only reference on the RTA website is for pillions.
    How vert interesting. I wonder if ya got nabbed for it and it was against the law how that would hold up in court.

    I know ignorance of the law is no excuse, so they say but how can you abide by it if they dont have information readily available ?