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They really mean it!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lui, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Parked my bike at the usual spot this morning, a ranger came telling me not to park there because of clear way (I didn't notice) and they will book all the bikes. So I thanked him then moved my bike to a secure parking (it's clear way every where).

    10 minutes later walked passed the some spot, nothing happened, all the bikes were still there and no tickets. So I thought may be they are taking it easy being new years eve and all.

    Just then went out for lunch, and guess what? Every bike has a ticket, they really mean it!
  2. lol - never seen a Spada with a rack before!
  3. oh yeah which reminds me i have an unpaid parking fine for parking in castlereagh street lol hope they've forgotten about me
  4. governments only forget when they owe you money
  5. What a ****wit. Seriously the ****ing RTA declared these clearways. They go ****ing everywhere, every major street of the CBD even along residential areas where residents normally park. It's a ****ing joke and for what point you may ask?

    It's not like they will have buses in all 2-3 lanes. Its because they want fewer people in the city. It costs them more money to clean up.

  6. BINGO!!! lololol
  7. The large bike parking area at Sussex Street (in front of PWC building) has only one row of bike parking, everywhere else has clear no parking signs, but people park their bikes everywhere and I have never seen any bikes got booked, so the rangers must have been briefed to leave the bikes alone in that area.
  8. I am surprised that they warned you and didn't just wait then ticket you
  9. Yeah, I was very much appreciated, it would have been a $100+ fine.

    Not all rangers are parking rangers, some city rangers don't really care about parkings (as it is not their primary duty) unless the parked vehicle is causing inconvenience to the public.
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    That just means that whatever this is ill save it for tomorrow night at work and show it to all the boys :).

    Yeah man, lucky on the nice ranger.
  13. If you look closely, it looks like it may be a special even clearway, but i cant make the sign out very well.

    Thats pitt street in sydney, there is no way they would make that a permanent clearway
  14. Yes, it was a special event, New Year's Eve. It's back to normal now.