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They really don't understand.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by maplegum, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. I've been riding for about 7 weeks now and I'm feeling great about how much progress I have made. So far, all of my rides have been with my husband - except for one of them.

    With the nicer weather on our doorstep, I thought I'd like to ride into work, I want to give it a go.

    I would have to travel along the western highway, into Scumshine (Sunshine). No big deal, I have dealt with similar traffic conditions. Hubby even said he would ride in with me for my 1st trip if I needed his support.

    So, I post something on facebook saying "Do I ride the bike into work?". All I got was a pile of people saying things like "OMG, please be careful, it's so dangerous etc" You get the vibe of the replies right?

    I replied saying that if I thought like that I'd never get on my bike! To tell you the truth, I was more concerned about bring my bike into 'da hood', being Scumshine.

    I felt so unsupported after that. I showed husband and he said don't bother posting that stuff on facebook anymore. Just share your excitement with your forum friends. So, I will. At least you guys 'get it'.

    Never did the ride the bike into work either.
  2. I commute daily and can only tell you it is the perfect way to start and end a day at work. You arrive feeling more alive than you ever could in a car or public transport and when you leave the thrill of riding again allows you to put many miles between yourself and your work (mentally and physically).

    Travelling in peak hour conditions though can be a little more troublesome sometimes, people use their cars as means to save time in the morning and so many will be having breakfast, applying make up or shaving etc others will be in mad rush and darting in and out of traffic in order to get to work 3 seconds earlier.

    Just leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy the ride in and don't feel you have to split/filter because you are on a bike unless you are comfortable with it.
  3. Either they don't understand, or they do and they're being negative because they wish they could have that much fun on the way to work. Jealousy!
  4. We sure do understand, Maplegum! Keep your eyes open and enjoy the ride.

    +1 to robbie55 on the extra benefits too! I commute on the Monash / Citylink every day, it is a great way to put work behind you at knock off time, and a way more fun way to travel than taking the train.

  5. The same thing happens with my friends, and a lot of non-riders that come to chat to me about my bike.
    Thanks to all the negative publicity the general opinion of being on a bike is:
    You are going to crash and die a horrible death.

    The truth, heaps of us go through our whole riding career without a single serious accident.
    Riding a pushbike in lycra with a foam hat at 60km/h on busy roads, 3 abreast on blind mountain passes etc, now THATS dangerous.

    Look at some countries like vietnam, if this phenomenon was true, their country would have a VERY small population by now (as most of them ride a bike as a commute/business)

    Sensationalist garbage... tell your facebook friends that :)
  6. What about riding to work and back a few time when its quieter...like in the evening.
    That way you can get the hang of it, figure out where/which side streets the loonies might come from in peakhour and other hazards etc, without the stress of peakhour.
  7. You'll always get non-riders telling you how dangerous it is, as if they'd know!!!

    Ride within your limits, keep eyes open and you'll be fine.

    Like Robbie55 said, great way to start and end the day.
  8. When ever someone spouts this crap to me I just say something like "When you tools learn to drive a car it won't be so dangerous"
  9. That's nothing I sometimes have to even justify why I am atgatt to some people around me in hot summer months let alone riding a bike. They can't help but as how or why.

    They don't be ridin so they gonna be hatin.
  10. I gather not many of your facebook 'friends' ride. Not that their opinion matters. The only opinion that does matter is YOURS and maybe your husbands.

    Do it, ride to work, enjoy it. Just remember that you and only you are responsible for your safety.
  11. If someone doesn't have an interest in any particular hobby or passion then they won't understand it (generally).

    Some people are into photography, other on hifi - then there are those into bikes or other motoring related pursuits. If they don't understand why you get on a bike, and don't have a broad enough perspective to see beyond their own passions then it is a fairly predictable response. They would probably think the same of anyone who goes skydiving.

    I play a fair bit of sport and there is an inherent risk there as well. IMO, the "danger" perception of bikes gets a lot more attention than it statistically represents (not to say to forget about safety etc). Virtually anything active has a higher risk than just sitting at home doing nothing.
  12. once you have been riding for a while your friends will be really cool about it , just dont let your first fright be your last and dont tell them "i nearly got crushed by a truck". before you know it, riding into work will be normal
  13. True that Cannibal.

    Hell I ride my bike everywhere...even when there is no point (such as to uni and back, a 5 minute ride, literally) :D
  14. Now I feel better! Thanks guys, I knew my forum buddies could relate.

    You have also come up with some great lines and come backs. Going to store them in that ever failing memory of mine and use them when needed.

    I'm not actually afraid of the ride to work, I believe that I am ready for it. I have confidence in myself and think that my skills are up to it. It just shoots down my confidence when people plant negative things in my head.
  15. Once you bite the bullet and do it you will wonder what all the fuss in your head was about :)

    But wait until you feel ready.
    Take things at your own pace!
    If you have doubts there is always the next day..
  16. Exactly, if your FB friends have to ask, they wouldn't understand even if you explained it. :D
  17. I live in 'scumshine' and i'll be waiting for you...
  18. riding a bike to work is nuts.

    But nuts is good.
  19. I ride every day because I love it and the sense of freedom and uplifting I get from it. Not because I took a straw poll of my "friends". What answer did you expect from the none riding populace?

    When anyone tells me I will die a horrible painful death because they knew someone who's 2nd cousin's mate was killed by a clown in a car I just ask in a calm voice. "Feel better now"?

    I can only advise that if you're going to ask questions like that of your "friends" you gather some riding "friends" like most of us have to balance out the debate.
  20. Tell them most people die in bed. Then ask them where they sleep, it will freak them out how dangerous they are.