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They really ARE out to kill us...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zeddicus, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. I had always thought "Ride like they're all out to kill you" was hyperbole but good advice all the same.

    Sadly, it seems many of them ARE willing to kill us.

    Seen on my FB feed this morning:

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  2. what's the problem? If some ass on a bike overtook me at twice the limit while I was lining up to turn right I'd be blueing about it too

    I've said it a thousand times; we are our own worst enemies.....

    and as for the predictably idiotic comments about kicking off mirrors, is it any wonder people hate motorcyclists....?
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    What's the PROBLEM PAUL????

    You really are losing it mate :(
  4. Problem? It's the "motorcyclists are a law unto themsleves" crowd that have (are) the problem.....
  5. Can you fail at reading comprehension any more Hornet? The best you can muster is a deliberately misconstrued strawman argument?

    Almost every person on that thread is advocating attempted murder with a vehicle. They are suggesting that using one's vehicle as a weapon to deliberately seriously injure or kill someone is not only OK, but justifiable.

    Whether the rider did what was claimed or not is a separate issue. Given that the only likely result is injury or death to the rider, I doubt he was aware the care was going to turn but that's just my opinion.

    There is no "idiotic comment about kicking off mirrors". There is an observation that it is understandable why some riders think that ok given the attitudes on display in the thread.

    Hornet, you really need to think before you post.
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  6. What kind of faggot has a logo from the original xbox as his display picture in 2011.

    But yes i agree these people are disgusting. The majority of cages simply dont understand the serious ramification that car/bike incidents have, they really do think oh lol its cool just give is your details. they really forget that there is a human made of soft tissue sitting on top of that bike. ****ing disgusts me you should report them to your local constabulary just for kicks. Of course the police have better things to do like get high off confiscated drugs and pick on P platers but you never know they may find the time in between to do some police work.

    Also: Did they bite back to your comment? i love a good facebook flame war. post the results!
  7. Dear Hornet,

    **** you.


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  8. Kurt said "slowing down to turn right", but didn't mention whether he was indicating or not. If I was behind someone slowing down and they weren't indicating, then I would pick the right side to overtake because it seems more likely to me that people would turn left "without indicating" as it doesn't cross the oncoming traffic.

    Not indicating seems likely based purely on the drivers I see around my own area. A vast majority (yes an actual majority) seem to think that slowing down BEFORE indicating is the correct way to drive a vehicle.

    If however Kurt was indicating, then Zeddicus' argument can be reversed. The motorcyclist is using his bike as a weapon (more than likely against himself). All they needed was a trigger

    Having seen a potential accident, and intentionally taking action to increase its likelihood of happening (pulling out in front of the motorcyclist, or overtaking a turning vehicle) is pretty damn low... no matter who is in the right or wrong.
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  9. Indicating maybe not.
    Stopped not by his testimony.
    Twice the speed limit, the testimony of a muppet with probably no training in speed estimation, no understanding of perspective differences in relative sizes so maybe.

    There are always two sides to an incident but advocating deliberately using your vehicle as a weapon, not acceptable. Thanks Zeddicus for the reminder that the idiots are out there.
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  10. If we assume the car driver did everything correctly then I think we may safely assume the rider missed seeing the indicator. I would think the percentage of riders willing to actively tempt fate by attempting to overtake on the right side a vehicle conducting a 90 degree right turn, would be vanishingly small.

    Assuming the rider missed the indicator, it was dangerous and he was lucky. In this case his mistake could have had serious ramifications.

    With that said however, given that mistakes typically mean severe injury and occasionally death for a motorcyclist, vs a few dings and an insurance excess for car drivers, I'd say it is far more likely the indicator was not used correctly.

    What led to the near miss and who was in the right or wrong are seperate issues. The "take home" point from this little FB discussion is that many car drivers are happy to actively use their cars as weapons in an attempt to seriously injure riders. This isnt car vs car. These people know they will cause the rider to fall, and they either don't make the connection between their actions and the likelyhood of the rider's permanent disability/death, or they do and simply don't care/attribute blame for that death to the motorcyclist themselves.
  11. The problem, as far as I see it, is that Anglo-Western society seems to think that motorcyclists are a perfectly good minority group to demean, bully and vent their anger at. This is because they believe they are a member of a vast and unquestionable majority, and that motorcyclists are a fringe element.

    It is exacerbated by the ego building that sees people buying larger, heavier and more intimidating vehicles as their income increases, leading to a belief that on the roads might is right, and the larger vehicle has a greater right of way than a very small vehicle.

    In cases where their ego has been offended or their perceived right of way has been infringed, people feel they are justified in resorting to force to re-establish their perceived superiority. This is indicative of how much people's sense of status and self-importance is vested in their motor vehicle today.

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  12. Yeah, got a bit of a chill down the spine after reading those comments.
  13. What did they post after your reply?
  14. well fucking said.
  15. Hornet, when was the last time you overtook a car with it's indicator on to do a rh turn.
    I can honestly say that i have never seen it, although i will agree that it must happen, due to mix ups and confusion here n there.

    A very short list of bike riders would willingly overtake a slowing car with it's rh indicator flashing. A biker mentioned the ripping off of mirrors etc, the other group is talking of using their cars to kill people. The two are'nt even in the same planetary region! I disagree with both, but the two are incomparable. Seriously!

    As for twice the speed...how does one judge that exactly? Best anyone can really say is 'very fast' in a relative sense.
  16. Kurt Colpan is a Krav Maga instructor apparently, and his FB profile isn't locked down - you can send him messages...
    Now for Keith Franks...
  17. this is why when they do kill one of us and go unpunished, we should make a stand.

    remember cupcakes, no convictions recorded at all. like it never happenned.
    and too many others.
    until it's a crime to kill a rider, we are fair game.

    this is why there is violence in attitudes from both cagers and riders towards each other.
    because theres no legal avenue to extract retribution.
    a side mirror is'nt much, but at least that asshole got some sort of lesson, some form of punishment.
    there is no other current system in place to stop people driving and behaving dangerously around us.

    and sooner or later, one of those retards is going to piss off the wrong rider. and wish he had never been born. i've allready had one car nearly kill me. god help the next asshole that tries to.
  18. hornet shit stirring as per usual.
  19. Personally I'd have left out the reference to taking mirrors: yeah, it's understandable, but you said you don't do it, and it does detract from the 'calm voice of reason' tone.

    Just a simple, calm reminder that that rider is someone's brother, husband, father or son is usually enough of a wakeup call.
  20. De-friend!