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They keep getting away with it

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,22937354-661,00.html

    Peter Meakin losees dangerous driving appeal

    December 17, 2007 05:45pm

    SEVEN network news director Peter Meakin has lost his appeal against a dangerous driving conviction. He has, however, had a jail term for driving offences overturned.

    In Sydney's Downing Centre District Court today, Judge Helen Morgan dismissed Meakin's appeal against his conviction for dangerous driving related to the October 4, 2006 offence.

    He has however, had his prison sentence for his third drink-driving offence overturned on appeal.

    In May, Meakin was sentenced to a total of 14 months of weekend detention after pleading guilty to drink driving, and being convicted of dangerous driving.

    The charges arose after he accelerated past a police random breath-testing post on Sydney's northern beaches in October last year.

    Meakin launched an appeal against the sentences as well as the dangerous driving conviction.

    In the Downing Centre District Court today, Judge Helen Morgan dismissed the appeal against the conviction, but upheld the appeal against the sentences.

    Instead of jail time, she ordered the 64-year-old to instead undertake 250 hours of community service.

    Judge Morgan said Meakin did not intend to deliberately drive at the police officers, forcing them to jump out of the way.

    She instead considered the events of October 4, 2006, to be more a case of Meakin's "failure to keep a proper lookout".

    "I do not consider it is appropriate to look at serving a term of imprisonment for either of these sentences," the judge said.

    "But I do feel it is appropriate to impose a term of community service."

    Meakin's eight-year disqualification from driving was unchanged.

    Meakin, who had challenged both his dangerous driving conviction and his sentences for that offence and for drink driving, told the court he had now sold his car.

    He also said he had stopped drinking alcohol "because I could see that it was not doing me any good, it was endangering my health and my freedom".

    Regarding the night of the offence, Mr Meakin said: "I didn't consider myself intoxicated but I did have some drinks.

    "I've admitted that I thought I was marginal and it was a stupid decision ... I accept I failed a breath test."

    Judge Morgan earlier told the court Meakin accelerated his green BMW X5 four wheel drive to 60 or 70km/h and made no attempt to slow down after driving past a random breath testing station on the Wakehurst Parkway, at north Narrabeen, on Sydney's northern beaches.

    "I find the appellant drove in a manner dangerous and police officers were forced to take evasive action," she said.

    "In his own words he did not want to be caught drink driving."

    However, Judge Morgan did not find it was a deliberate action and said he did not drive directly at police.
  2. If that was me I would have got the jail time, my license would have been taken from me for a good few years, and I'd not have been put in the paper.

    I hate how these "celebrities" (though what we celebrate with them is still uncertain) keep getting all this special goddamn attention.

    And how when they go into shops and get things for free... Does nobody realise that they too earn a living!! And yet, the same shops that give them things for free wont let a person pay if they are $2 short!!!

    ARGH. Our society is well and truly screwed, and it has been for quite some time...

    Today, working in my mums shop for example, who works with Costume Hire, we asked this gentleman for 2 landline telephone numbers which is protocol as if we need to get in touch with them it's easier to do so... We also usually take a mobile number, but 2 landline numbers is a MUST. Anyway, this gentleman comes in and when he finds out that we need two landline numbers, he kicks up a fuss and has a rant and then storms out...

    How frikking arrogant is our society nowdays?? Seriously...

  3. I know it seems like a 'light sentence' or 'a cop out' or you may even figure 'corruption & bribery' - but I'm just fine with the outcome.

    Millions of dollars are spent on anti-speeding and anti-drink driving campaigns backed by lies, damned lies and statistics - and someone high-profile in the media is EXACTLY who the state government and RTA would love to see go down screaming in a pool of blood... and would probably pull strings to try and make that dream a reality.

    But they either didn't, or couldn't - and that pleases me.

    -That despite hype and bullshit, you can still go to court and have your offence, your record, the chances you'll reoffend, and who in your family is depending on you; taken into consideration before an experienced person decides how best to deter you from doing it again without going overboard to satisfy the media or the establishment's agenda - is bloody excellent.

    How much does it cost us taxpayers to keep someone in prison for a year? Is it $40,000 a year? or $80,000 a year? I'm sure it's one of those.
    We did ok, I reckon.