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VIC They could bring back the death penalty for this guy.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by oztom, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Traffic fine data altered
    Paul Millar
    April 14, 2011

    THE data relating to almost 70,000 traffic offences has been tampered with by a man who could face charges under the Crimes Act.

    The 36-year-old from Craigieburn is alleged to have altered the data - on speeding and red-light camera offences - after the fines were sent to drivers.

    Technical experts from the E-Crime Squad uncovered the security breaches while investigating allegations that infringement details from 2010 and 2011 had been changed in the systems of a company contracted by Victoria Police to manage speed and red-light camera infringement data.

    Police were forced to stress yesterday that infringement notices sent out were accurate.

    It is believed the changes were made over a three-week period in February and March by the man, who is a former employee at the company. It is unclear what his motives were.

    ''The changes to infringement data included alterations to the date and time of the offence, as well as speed. It is alleged changes were made to some 67,541 infringement data,'' a police spokeswoman said.

    The man was released yesterday pending further investigation and may face charges of unauthorised modification of data under the Crimes Act.

    Police Minister Peter Ryan said he had been advised that the infringement notices were accurate at the time they were issued. ''Any changes allegedly made by this individual occurred after the infringement notices were issued and were subsequently corrected to reflect the original offence,'' he said.

    ''There is an internal review system currently in place for those wishing to appeal infringement notices.''

    Last month motorists in Victoria who received 5700 traffic-related infringements were contacted by police following the discovery of a printing error in notices.


    "Police were forced to stress yesterday that infringement notices sent out were accurate."

    Man they are like robots, if they are accurate, what did the guy do? :-s
  2. Busy three weeks...

    Any idea what the point was?
  3. May have brought the speed down to the lesser penalty, then once the fines were processed he'd withdraw the overpaid fines to his own account.
  4. That's good thinking, why should the government have all the fun?

  5. He has my support, any way, Good on him,
  6. This is all speculation, but he might have been working against cameras, trying to put enough faults in them so that people would argue and win that their fines were invalid. i.e change the date, people realise that they were not in the area at the time and hence argue that the speed camera was inaccurate and provide evidence that they were elsewhere at the time. If thousands of people did this in a matter of months it would clog up the courts and cause discussion over the inaccuracies of speed cameras. Bringing the system down from the inside.
  7. +1 to that theory smileedude
  8. It would also draw attention to him and he'd eventually get caught......oh wait
  9. Is it just me or does anyone else find something not quite right that someone changed all the dates and speeds of fines but here we are now well after the event but police say everything sent was sent correct.....](*,)

    Someone please explain......
  10. Because the information was altered after the infringement notices were sent.

  11. Changes were made in feb, fines were from 2010 and 2011, so all changes were to the database after fines had been issued.
  12. hmmm,
    yet we have record number of people questioning their TINS to the point they've actually had to set up a dedicated court room for one specific camera down here due to the massive number of TINS it issued...

    Like i trust any of these buggers...
  13. While they're at it, could someone please explain why we've recently seen corruption in the upper echelons of Vicpol?

    ..and corruption in the middle tiers of Vicroads?

    ...and now corruption in a contracted traffic infringements company?
  14. ...I was always under the impression that where there's easy money to be made (like gambling for instance) there's a high likely hood of corruption and crime.......hmmm
  15. With the sheer volume of changes, I wonder if he was acting maliciously (made the chanes uniquely and deliberately) or just fecked up a script that was running over the database and transposed data?
  16. haha. wouldn't that suck. Could be in MASSIVE trouble for a script error. If it was tho, it should be easy enough to work that out I would think.

    We had a guy run a script on a client once to update a few bits and pieces on a client DB (nothing major), and about 20 minutes later, the client called up saying they were getting all these errors. I was listening to them, thinking, "it sounds like the DB's gone or something", so I asked my work mate if I could view the script he'd run. When I checked it, the FIRST line of the script was a DROP DATABASE statement.... DOH!
  17. Maybe this fella has the world's worst case of OCD?
  18. OK just fo starters this fella hasnt been named,so an "unkown identity"....wouldnt this just be a great excuse for the revenue raisers for any discrepencies in camera fines??? Hmm you say you had yer cruise control set for 98kmh,but were caught at 110kmh,well we had some silly bugger playin with the system so you obviously were speeding! :nopity:
  19. Maybe we need more fellas like this one to screw up the system from the inside then the cops can release a statement saying all fines were accurate.

    Long time ago a mates mate worked at civic compliance and was able to wipe away any of his mates camera issued speeding/red light fines with no issues. Whatever this guy did he took it to the next level.
  20. No one's wondered if he was a Harold Scruby type nutter? He could as easily been a car hater who put the speeds UP.