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They come in all shapes and sizes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gguru, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. News

    "Sunday, 09 August 2015 12:21:39 PM

    A woman has been charged after a shotgun and stolen motorcycles were located during a search warrant in Sydney’s south-west.

    About 11.10am on Friday (7 August 2015), police attended a home on Pegler Way, Ambarvale, in relation to an unrelated matter.

    Whilst inside the property, police located two motorcycles inside the home. Police conducted checks and found them to be stolen.

    A third motorcycle was found in the backyard which was also discovered to be stolen.

    Police also located a sawn-off shotgun inside a pillowcase and other property which police allege to be stolen, including a drill and other tools.

    A 25-year-old woman was arrested at the address and taken to Campbelltown Police Station where she was charged with two counts of possess unauthorised prohibited firearm; not keep firearm safely (prohibited firearm); and three counts of goods in custody.

    She was granted conditional bail to appear at Campbelltown Local Court on 28 September 2015."

    I'd hate to think that a rider was held at gun point...
  2. good to know that even if you arent allowed to have a firearm, if you have one you have to keep it safe
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  3. she may have a gun licence, but as you aren't supposed to have shortened shotguns, they slapped whatever charges would stick. (does seem to be a bit of it around Ambarvale tho...)
  4. As someone that has a firearms license, all firearms need to be locked up in a firearm safe at all times (Unloaded), with the ammunition locked in a separate compartment in the Safe with a different key. She definitely does not have a firearms license and if she did I'd be damned surprised.

    Just some scummy bogan.
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  5. even scummy bogans are allowed to get gun licences :p but doesn't mean they actually follow all the rules associated with it..

    maybe I'm getting confused between "possess unauthorised prohibited firearm" and "unauthorised possession of firearm"
    the latter is not having a licence, and the former is about having a prohibited weapon without the right licence? or former doesn't say anything about having a licence or not? would unlicenced be a separate charge??

    but more importantly.. what bikes did they recover?
  6. Not sure what bikes where stolen but any bike is a good bike
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  7. Out on bail? I'm suuuuuure she won't reoffend. She'll probably just spend her days at the library, and helping old ladies cross the road....
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  8. From OP:
    Sawn-offs are prohibited, period, whatever flavour they may be.
  9. Apparently she just wanted some pump action
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  10. Hope it wasn't loaded with blanks.....
  11. Dunno - you tell me
  12. Only after a stout curry...
  13. mmmmmm, stout curry.......
  14. Unless it's a Har- just kidding, calm down.
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