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They call me Supermoto Mike!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Rolkus, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. It's a great coincidence that I sold my bike and bought a new one in 3 days. Considering the new one was located in Hamilton.

    I had a good mates birthday in Warrnambool, so headed down on Friday night, and got a call from the seller offering to bring it down that night. So we agreed.

    This bike I hadn't even seen in real life or even test ridden, nor did I give him a deposit. He was happy to travel the 90k's to the Bool.

    Well he got there, and I got on and instantly knew I wanted it. So different to my previous bike, and I love it.

    I rode it from Warrnambool to Wyndham Vale yesterday, despite the cole, it was fine.

    There are a few marks on one of the barkbusters, but I knew that, and a few on the exhaust guard. But it's in top shape.

    I've only got a few pictures due to no internet at our house and only able to upload mobile ones on my ipad.


  2. What is the seat height on that puppy?
    Tank capacity?

    get your hoon on
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  3. I can just touch the ground comfortably. Tank is only 10L I believe.
  4. might have to have a closer inspection one day fella
  5. Not this Sat, but the one after, I'll be at Sat prac if you wanted to have a 'little' look.
  6. a drz400sm was the first bike i ever rode on the road after getting my L's, and I loved it! didnt seem to have much more guts than my 250, but still very fun to ride none the less. nice choice!
  7. keen to hear how it goes, contemplating one down the track for a commuter/runabout
  8. a few small tweaks and they liven up real nicely appently,
    first thing id recomend is the standard dirtbike stuff,
    put a twin-air airfilter in it (or equivalent foam filter), put on an aftermarket pipe to let it breathe and jet the carby to match. this should give you a small powergain, but much better response.
  9. Google 3x3 mod... cheap way for more go.
  10. Congrats man, they are really flexible bikes.

    I've been riding mine for a year now and love it.
    I gotta agree with above, 3x3 airbox mod, new pipe and a carby rejet makes a huge difference.

    Look into MRD pipes, they are affordable and are really well regarded in the DRZ community.
  11. Its already fitted with a Yoshomura, which is awesomely loud.
  12. im liking the look ! might be a dumb question but how different is it to riding a standard road bike ?
  13. I am retiring my R1 from being my regular ride to build up a wr450 supermoto

    around town and the city the supermoto is more fun in my opinion - I am always taking shortcuts over gutters through parks and so on

    On the twisties the supermoto is more forgiving than a sports bike very easy to flick around and so forth - plus cheap to repair should you have an off

    supermoto = urban holligan

    long distance rides you want a road bike though
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  14. definitely something im interested in. would it be totally weird to put cafe bars on a supermoto ? lol
  15. yes, yes it would
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  16. is want i want to do to upgrade from my 250 .. but the 500-1000km service intervals are the killer.

    So you ok with that or know a work around?
  17. the 500-1000km service intervals are more for dirt riding

    any way the service is just basic an air filter clean ( not needed so much if not on dirt ) as well as oil and filter

    I think I will get away with longer service intervals using the bike as a road motard
  18. yeah but how often do you actually cut through parks and ride around on footpaths and shit? its pretty illegal to ride on the footpath as it is, but if you get caught hooning around a park full of people i wouldn't be surprised if the cops stung with with an extra negligent/culpable/manner dangerous etc driving.

    You can do all of that on most naked bikes anyway. Hell you can do it on ****ing any bike in reality.

    Sorry but motards are all hype and are just naked bikes with extra vibration and a bit more suspension travel.
  19. hey bring a step ladder next time :) might try mounting the steed
  20. i do it all the time, you can outrun the cops pretty easy. riding a racebike on the street is so much fun.

    i know know about you but name another sort of bike bike that you can ride offroad through tight trees doing 30m jumps then get on the bitumen full lock sideways laying waste to any sportsbike that is silly enough to try and keep up.

    it cant be done.

    from the sounds of it you've never ridden one properly.
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