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They are Alienating my Spada

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Justo, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Hello. Long time reader. 1st time poster.

    So I have been riding nor a little over 2 months. So wish I had started earlier, but that's another story. Got myself a Honda Spada to get through my Ls period which is a really fun clean honest bike.

    Though come service time no one wants to touch it cause it's a grey import and hard to get parts. This includes Honda specialised servicers. Gutted as you can imagine.

    Any one else been through this dilemma and more importantly find a solution? I'm based in Sydney.

    Thanks all. :roll:
  2. There's not much (apart from swapping the engine) that you can't easily do yourself on them. There's a place in NSW that specialises in importing Spada's I'd assume they would do it if you didn't want to. Maybe contact Hornet600 for the name of the place.
  3. What sort of service is it?
  4. 60k service. Fluids a the basics are ok. They seem to get edgy/hesitant if I need new parts. Cheers for the hornet600 contact.
  5. Carringbah Motorcycles (Sydney, NSW)

    Bless google search
  6. erm, tell them to get stuffed, Honda Spadas were sold new in Australia.......

    Sure, there are probably more grey spadas on the road now than were ever sold here, there was no mechanical difference between the Japanese and Australian sold spada, Sounds more like they didn't want to deal with an old bike rather than any "grey" excuse.

    Many service parts, filters, brake pads etc are shared with the vtr250 or other Hondas and are still available new.
  7. Most dealers won't service grey market bikes if they know it is a grey market bike, many dealers don't like servicing old bikes too.

    If you've got an older bike that's also grey market then you can expect to run into these sorts of refusals.

    All you can really do is call around dealers until you find one willing to work on your bike.

    That's not too hard in major cities but it can be a bigger problem in country areas (where there is often only 1 or 2 dealers in a town).
  8. I agree. If said bike was import only, e.g. a FZR250, I'd understand. But if the bike was officially sold here, official parts and documentation will be available. So there really is no reason for discrimination. I've even seen a few obvious grey market CBR250RR's for sale at official Honda dealers.

    As DTwo said, they are probably just scared of an 'old' bike. Once you start taking things apart on a 20 year old bike, you might end up causing leaks to damaged old seals etc.
  9. LOL

    im guna take a stab in the dark.

    and say that you only took it to dealerships with 2 storey buildings in paramata.

    take it to a mechanic not a dealership.

    they wouldnt touch my MVX either.
  10. if you're near hornsby (waitara) there's a bloke called Love Motorcycles. Im sure he'd do it..as for dealers not touching it, again, tell them to stick it up their clacker.
  11. Haha. Seems like there is a general consensus from all the replies.

    1. Dealers only like new bikes
    2. Dealers dont like Grey Bikes.
    3. Dealers should stick it up their asses/clackers/tailpipe
    4. :p

    While humorous the responses, they have also been helpful. problem with being new to riding, I have to go through all the fun/games and shit that alot of you sound like you already have. thanks for the words of wisdom and advice.

  12. and some fun you will have.. i will rarely take a bike / car to a mechanic.. never a dealer (unless warranty). if i owned a tyre changing thingy then i never would. i have been stung as most here would have also but you always remember and have free right to tell people of who is not worth a pinch.. in a PC way of course.
  13. Yep, I have a FZR250 (I'm in Sydney too) and had this exact same problem, so I thought screw them, I'll service it myself.

    I didn't do it all on one weekend as I don't know anything about the mechanics of bikes. But I oiled the chain, changed the oil and oil filter last weekend and will do the air filter sometime after Xmas. Just picking one weekend per month and doing a little bit each time.

    Now the only problem I have is that Yamaha never released an English manual for the FZR250.
  14. best way to do it.. something here and something there.. the general stuff as you would now know isnt that hard so no probs without a manual.
  15. stoney creek cycles have a special $60 bucks off b4 xmas or something for servicing

    check out their website