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They are after top end cars now, bikes are next

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601093&sid=aijQ0.2BMGw8&refer=home

    An example of how these so called policies can quickly become tools for other agendas.

    There was much mention in the UK to ban all bikes over 200cc, as they are seen as heavy emission engines due to high rev's and large CO2 ratio outputs compared to cars.

  2. retards
  3. How bout this novel idea:

    Let qualified automotive, civil and chemical engineers decide automotive limitations and emission limitations. Not arts students with a major in philosophy who were involved with the student union.
  4. some countrys allready restrict bikes to 250 cc and below .
    its not new by any means
  5. [​IMG]
  6. They won't be banned until some form of 'sustainable' vehicle has been introduced and is economically viable. Such as an electric/hydrogen car, and I'm sure the motorbikes won't be far behind. There have been posts showing electric bikes which are faster than most current bikes on the market!
  7. This might be why Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Mazda are all currently in the process of developing internal combustion engines for hydrogen (Note: NOT fuel cell/hybrids). Things that go bang (preferably inside the combustion chamber :wink: ), but have extremely low CO and CO2 emissions, without the need for lots of expensive, toxic batteries.
    See, if you're smart enough you can save the planet and still have fun!
  8. B*gger hydrogen power. I want to build one of these guys'

    200 hp powerboat engines and stick it in a sidecar outfit :shock: .

    1050 ftlbs of torque :twisted: . Rocket 3s are for wimps :grin: .

    Oh, all right, it'd probably have to go in something like an F100 cos of weight/size/boiler considerations, but just think of how it could go at the drags or on the burnout pad with all that GRUNT :grin:
  9. I'm no scientist, but I was under the assumption that hydrogen power was not very viable insofar that it takes more energy input to separate a hydrogen atom from others (usually an oxygen atom), than is obtained through the combustion of that hydrogen. Is that a chemical rule, or could it be overcome by technology?

    I have watched a very cool vid with an electric/magnetic bike. Ultra quiet.
  10. Ideally, going 2xH20 -> 2 H2 + 02 (water to hydrogen and oxygen gas) and back provides no net gain in energy. however, imagine a 70% efficiency for the first reaction and a 50% efficiency in the second. (optimistic)

    While burning fuel is by no mean efficient (think 30-40% in performance vehicles, or even less for track only orientated ones), the making of the fuel is already done.

    Hydrogen also has the problem of extreme volitility, and in turn because it is also combustable, dangerous.

    PS, ultra quiet != cool. I love the sound of engines.
  11. Who are? That article dates back to July and all there is, is a comment from a dick head MEP (Who has never been able to keep his trap shut) which has gone no further.

    Much talk about banning over 200cc in the UK where? If I remember rightly it was some other MP making a play for publicity where did it go nowhere and the UK thing was safety related. You really need to get some proportion.

    The only real problem I've seen with euro emission laws is the stupid big pipes new bikes have grown.
  12. The imminent legislative death of biking in the UK and, to a lesser extent, Europe, has been confidently predicted for at least 50 years now.

    Guess what? It ain't happened yet and it's not going to happen now.

    Stuff like this alleged 200cc thing has been around since time immemorial and is just another wacko idea that will grab a few headlines and then be forgotten. Leg protectors? Didn't happen (thanks, in part, to strong lobbying activity). 100hp Limit? Discarded. Draconian restrictions on modifications? Still freer than the old women who run Transport in Australia will allow.

    UK and Euro legislation has not, to my knowledge (which was extensive up to the time I left) put one, single bike off the road.

    Gotta stay vigilant but gotta keep a sense of perspective too.