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They aint all bad

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Cronus, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. It was a really cold night and i was riding tomy GFs place going down the very long strait road, the road that say 80 that i usually cruise down at 100 or so but something about tonight i stuck to 80, whether it was because the roads were cold or it was just that gut feeling i stuck to 80 and i new i was alone as no one came around the round a bout with me onto the road.
    just as i was tempted to speed up the trip as i was freezing my niblets offthe flashing lights go off.

    I pull over and quickly shut down the bike and jump, its the polite thing to do (just like getting out of your car on that rainy night) also take off the helmet.
    he pulled me over because my rego was covering part of my number plate (not my fault it genuinly was the wind although i had it covering my plate one time when i had the speed camera flash so this was karma i guess) and on closer inspection i didnt have my L plate on, and he said "im still giving you a fine but only 1 i could give you 2 but this way you wont get any demerit point either" so they aint all bad guys and i like to think that showing a level of politeness helps to, especially when my friends fine for not displaying his Ls was 150 and mine was 119 :) :)
  2. any demerits?
  3. tonight coming home from work I was doing about 100k's in a 60k zone, on the other side of the road there was an RBT. They all turned and looked and I slowly squeezed hard on the brakes and got away. Lucky they weren't on my side. They just kept looking as I slowly scooted away.
  4. i had one adjust me from 16 over ($238) to 14 over ($79)

  5. yes... yes they are.
  6. Yep, all depends who you get, there's @rseholes in all professions. Like the @rsehole that fined me for no number plate, even though it had just fallen off, was on my front seat next to the screws i had just bought from the hardware store with the receipt to show. Still booked me the fvckwit.
  7. A lot of people I know have had the 'I could book you for more but I'll let you off'. I once had the foglights on when in my car, pulling into an RBT. The cop made a song and dance about how he could book me for a $xxx fine but he won't. Yes that was appreciated, but what wasn't was how it was put as him doing me a huge favour, acting all righteous as well as belittling, which inturn required me to grovel and act all thankful thus reaffirming his position in the tree of life above me.

    A lot of the time it seems to be very much an action of 'yes we're going to screw you when a warning would be ample, but we'll make it out like we're your buddy and doing you a favour by letting you off for other things we don't really care about'.

    Every situation is different I guess, this guy could and probably was doing a genuine and HUMBLE favour...but a lot of a time it seems to be more about PR than being genuinely warm hearted and nice.
  8. Wrong. He should've let you off with a warning... after all atleast you weren't speeding or being negligent. Their job is to help us right?

    "Hey mate, your plate is covered and your L flew off, I'll just give you a warning today but be extra careful when securing it next time."

    Then again, you're a criminal and need to be taught a lesson.
  9. yeah a warning would have been nicer but well what you gonna do, and no there were no demerits, but like i said, they aint all bad.
  10. Sometimes you've gotta just take it on the chin.........
    I got nailed in the cage one Sunday morning, country road, 8.30 in the am.........142kph in a 90 zone :facepalm: and Yep! I did call myself a dickhead.......while waiting for him to catch up.............

    End result, he was good enough to write me down to 125k,....$280 plus 3 demerits but as he said.....at least I dont lose the license for 40 over :shock: :shock: :cry: