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These prices sound right?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 2ndclasscitizen, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Hey all, I'm new here so please bear with me. First off, great forum, heaps of good info. Thanks to some parental kindness (letting me sell my car) I'm getting my bike licence this week. Yay! I've been doing some research and been deciding on a budget and talking to people who already have bikes as to what to get. I was quite keen on VTR250, but I think they may be out of my budget, which I've set at $6000 max, including buying gear. I've found a pair of bikes that look promising and a good price, an 89 ZXR250 grey import and a 91 CBR250RR. The ZXR has 27000k and is going for $3700 and the CBR has 60000k and is going for $3000 (both private sale.) I was wondering if these good sounding prices for these bikes and are a price that bikes like these usually sell for, as that would suit my budget quite well I think. Also, for those prices would they be in good nick or a bit shit?

    Thanks a lot

  2. ZXR for 27000 kays sounds like a dodgey tacho....

    heh, get a GSF250V :p... $4k for a good one, and a helluva good ride :p
  3. have a look at www.redbook.com.au for approximate prices. It is a good guide. Doesn't account for k's etc.

    If looking used 250's I would suggest going for one with 30 000 k's or less. There is enough engine life left. I would avoid the 60 000 k cbr - that is a lot of mileage on one of those bikes. It may be in good condition, but with those k's engine maintenance will be increasing...

    be patient - you would be surprised what you can get for 6000 all up! When I started (2001) I got a fzr250 (with 22 000 k's - genuine?? it was in good nic though) with all my gear etc. for $3500. Admittedly I didn't buy the top brand leathers, but I got full gear of decent quality.
  4. Consider the redbook the lowest you are going to pick something up for.

    Haggle and offer a lot less then they have posted the bike for. Chances are you are the only person to look at the bike. It helps if you wait for a bit after the ad first appears.

    The 250/4s from the late 80's and early 90s crop up a lot here in the technical advice section. I think there is a combination of factors here, but it's something to keep in mind. If you are going to buy one, make sure you know which end of a spanner is which.
  5. Thanks for that. I am definately getting good quality gear so these two seemed as though they would fit the budget nicely. I've still got a bit of time to search so I will keep looking out for bikes and will look out for a nicely priced FZR250. I hadn't heard of those and they look ok. Are they are good ride, especially for a new learner rider?
  6. You might want to check with the insurance company that you decide to go with as well. Some offer market value which may differ from redbook and some may only offer purchase price. Also depending on the make/model/year etc you choose your premiums will differ to.
  7. Yes they are a good ride. Comparable to the cbr250's and the zx2r. However, all fzr250's are grey imports so insurance can sometimes be an issue (call around first if that worries you). Also, finding someone knowledgable to service them can be a problem at times (and there are no manuals in english...). Though, if you are willing to learn to service yourself there is adequate knowledge available to assist.

    Also - if looking at any grey import - be aware of the actual manufacture date vs. compliance date. Many dealers will sell a grey import quoting the compliance date (i.e. '2006 model fzr250'). However, fzr250's were no longer manufactured past '94 or so. Dealers try to catch the unwary...
  8. I had noticed that with a few of the imported bikes, will keep an eye out.
  9. I don't think the k's are such a big issue. First major service where any real engine work needs to be done is at 48000km on the vtr...
    I've never heard of them playing up due to k's.

    If it saves you some $$$ getting a higher mileage model that's been looked after- why not!
    I paid $3800 for mine with 44thou on the clock, full service history and well looked after. The bikes been a dream, not one single issue in 14 months, and now up to 55k.
  10. lol - Bega? The thing would be up for service and tyres by the time you got it home :p

    I got my FZR for 5 g's and my gear for 1. So I spent 6 all up.

    Mine's a 90's model (I think 92 or 93) and had 24,000k's on the clock when I picked it up.

    I have only 3rd party property insurance on it which cost me $175 through NRMA.

    Although I'm suspicious of dodgy imports too, 2 friends of mine test-road the bike and now I can agree with them - the thing handles perfectly, the gearbox is a dream, and it stops when/where you want it to.

    If you're going to crash it - buy a Honda.
    If you aren't, buy whatever you like the best.
  11. No heard of trailers? :wink:
  12. If you've got the money to spend and you can find a reasonable example, the VTR is a senasational bike to start with. The race bikes are harder to learn on and only really become appropriate for faster track or twisties riding. The VTR is more comfortable, more manoeverable, easier to use engine-wise and better in the city.
  13. Yeah, the honda holds up the best in a crash....

    But redbook, is what a should be, not really a true indication of the market i've found... like the CBR250RR, on bikesales is between 4,500 - 7000, where redbook says 3,400 - 4,000...
  14. As I said, I was quite keen on a VTR, but initial research didn't turn up anything really within my budget. And as for the travelling, well, if I was going to travel anywhere to purchase, I'd probably only head to Sydney, and only to reputable dealer. I'd hate to drive to Bega, only to find a POS awaiting me. And we don't have a car with a towbar. We've got a great towcar (VY2 LS1 Calais) but no way of towing.

    Thanks for all the continuing advice!
  15. I wonder why....
  16. Engineering quality.... :p

    Just like they can be revved out to 19k, only few others go that high (fzr is one to my knowledge), all cos of the quality :p

    They know at some point in its life a 250 is gonna be prange, and rather than it being a write-off, its best to over-engineer it, not under-engineer it ;) :p
  17. I'd weigh in and suggest a VTR or Spada as well for a beginner over a 4 cylinder: the V2 layout just has a much wider power band and are just more tractable and forgiving, while still being quick and fun. I guess see what's out there, but it might be worth waiting for something that'll work better. (You could always test ride a new VTR to get a sense of the difference.)
  18. Those look pretty good, might be a very good option as the price on the 2nd hand ones I've found are in the right range. Plus, it's looks mean :grin:
  19. Sorry to drag this from the dead. Finished my pre-learner course today, going to pick up my licence tomorrow morning, hooray! So now the search for a bike begins in earnest so I don't forget everything whilst looking for a suitable ride. Does anybody here know of a GSF250V or ZXR250 for sale in Canberra or somewhere nearby? I haven't found a single Bandit for sale anywhere near here on the net