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These fools are going to ruin it for us all

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bond Girl, May 10, 2005.

  1. Who was it? put your hand up!

    Was it one of us? Just heard on Gold FM that last night a 21 y.o. restricted rider got done for dangerous riding. 230k/h on the western ring road on a 1litre bike! Still not sure how they caught him!
  2. Learner + 1000cc + 230km/h = Police currently trying to find a book big enough to throw at him do him justice :LOL: :D :p :wink: :facepalm: [-X

    Apparently was city bound around Laverton North and got done by a Region 2 traffic car (Police speak for a big V8 ).

    Oh, and a cager got done for 165km/h on the Princess Fwy last night as well but the rider won the raffle last night :roll:
  3. Actually it's Police speak for The Car that services the Western Suburbs.
    Victoria is split into 5 regions. It has nothing to do with whats under the bonnet.
  4. Learner rider 'clocks 230km/h'

    POLICE caught a learner motorcyclist allegedly travelling at 230km/h on a high powered motorbike in Melbourne's west.

    Police said the 21-year-old was riding a 1000cc motorbike even though his licence only allowed him to ride a 260cc bike.

    The Deer Park man was intercepted travelling towards the city on the Western Ring Road at 10pm yesterday.

    He is expected to be charged with riding at a dangerous speed and exceeding the speed limit by 45km or more.

    (From: news.com.au 10th May)

    I'm all for having fun on my bike, hell, that's what I bought it for, but the 1000cc bike must have belonged to some other motorcyclist who lent it to this moron. We share the blame even though we didn't do it. Be sure that the suits are looking at this, and similar incidents (stunts on the freeway) and already looking at ways that they can take away even more of our freedoms than they already have.
  5. Yes, it takes one idiot that everyone remembers for them to say...'see motorcyclists are hoons, the legislation regarding their chosen method of transport needs to be tougher...'
  6. Hmmm might have been stuck in 4th the poor bastage :shock:
    It astounds me sometimes....... :)
  7. I'm sure there's plenty of bikers doin this stuff. Its only the ones who get caught that we hear about though.
  8. So they finally caught up with Vic :p :p :p :p
  9. same shit as P platers doing 200km in their imports. (cars)
  10. Don't get me started..............

    Once you get really good at riding a motorbike (I'm reliably informed) you discover that any f*ckwit can twist a bit of rubber and hold on. You're dead right - more fuel for the suits who will keep trying to take it all away.
  11. Further info;

    The car done was caught at 180km/h

    Had 600km on the clock and "was trying it out the brand new car" was the excuse given.

    Also had a 3 year old in a booster seat occupying the front passenger seat at the time.

    As for the rider;

    Had learners for only two months.

    Was trying out new brand new bike.

    No L plate displayed (must have blown off due to high speed) :roll:

    We already know about it being a 1000cc.

    And to answer the question on how they caught him. 3AW interveiwed one of the officers involved who stated this happens a fair bit on the Ring road but we just cant catch them except in this case. The rider got to the Ring Rd / Westgate / Princess Junction and didn't wash enough speed off and the boys in blue with a fast car found him and bike lying on the grass after falling off :LOL:

    Oh, officer stated he is charged with what he referred to as "Speed Dangerous" which carries a hefty fine, loss of licence/permit for a long time & possible jail term if he gets a hanging judge.

    Very costly thrill for our "friend" by the look of things :facepalm:

    The brekky shift guys on 3AW reckon he has now set the new land speed for the Ring Road which they reckon someone will now try to beat.

    Region 2 starts at the Westgate Bridge and goes all the way to the SA border but the TMU only use fast cars like SS Crumbledores & XR Falchoons and the BMW bikes of course.

    Nice work combining the two similar threads (vic I assume)
  12. 1 motorcyclist caught for speeding

    and how many cars were booked last night or caught on the point to point camera's last night ?
  13. I agree, but traveling @ 230?? Unlicenced??? Not too many cars would do that I'd say
  14. More like 1 motorcyclist caught being a dickhead.

    Just like those idiots on the Eastern Fwy on Sunday.

    There's a time and place to do stuff like that and..................

    Oh go up a few posts for my previous one with more details that was taken from the earlier thread that got merged with this one.
  15. According to the online press, the lack of qualifying license hasn't been listed as an offence. It was purely the speed.

    How many imports (cars) do you see "dorifting" and doing excessive speeds? I'm more concerned about a red P-plater in a high powered Supra, GSR, etc speeding and losing control than I am of a P-plater on a 1l bike doing the same. I also see a lot more red P-platers in hi-po imports than I do on 1l bikes.

    But try to introduce a capacity or power limit on car drivers... :roll:
  16. before i read PVDAs post, i was gunna start telling you guys to settle down a little, i mean he mighta been 2 weeks from ending his restrictions, how much more skill do you think he could develop in that time to make him truly ready for a litrebike. he did pick a stupid spot, but then again, i must have too cos i got done :?

    BUT, after reading that, he sounds like a typical A grade dipshit. probly wrapped his turbo 200SX round a pole and now wanted something faster cos he only stacked it from a lack of power. a litrebike 2 months into his Ls eh..... Zuby anyone? oh yeah, thats an OSB joke :LOL:

    certainly showed his awesome skills when he got caught too eh :LOL: stack it and try hiding on the ground, thats an AWESOME getaway plan :LOL:

    oh yeah, and i'm with rogue, i'd much prefer if these dummies went and got bikes. at least when they write themselves off, theres less chance of them taking someone else with them :?
  17. Which planet you just arrive from???

    There has been a power to weight ratio restriction applied to P platers for more than 15 years now in Victoria :roll:

    It's a bit hard to enforce but a P plater cannot drive an SS Commodore but can drive a Stateman with the same drive train, it's just the extra body weight of the add on accesories drop it below the power to weight limit.

    They shouldn't be driving a WRX or Godzilla that the drifting crowd favour.
  18. What restrictions?
    He was a learner!
    Reread the article.
  19. i did, thats why i said i WAS going to tell y'all to settle down, but changed my mind after reading what he said there :wink:

    like i said, A grade dipshit. new litrebike on your Ls aint too intelligent :LOL:
  20. Just to continue with the subject of morons screwing things up for the rest of us...

    Three dudes were arrested, on the weekend I think, for doing some stunt riding along the Eastern Freeway. There were apparently four motorbikes hooning around but only three got busted. The cops were waiting for them after getting reports of these dickheads doing who knows what.

    The article was in the HS around page 10.