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These are the nuts that people are listening to

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. This guy and his mates need to be placed in encampments and euthanaised for the good of the planet.
    Unfortunately its this thinking backed by no credible science that has infiltrated and spawned in this 'environmental' psychosematic enclave.

    We are as scientists pushing for balanced views and sanity, but unfortunately the media and key funded groups would have you brainwashed.

    Just like there is overwhelming evidence that front plates will save lives.


    We're all doomed! 40 years from global catastrophe - and there's NOTHING we can do about it, says climate change expert[/quote]
  2. I'm afraid you won't have much of an audience today, because these are the nuts that people are listening to:

  3. Heh - because saying your opponents deserve death is excellent evidence of being the sane and balanced side in any debate... :roll:
  4. Shutup, I'll kill you!

    :p :LOL:
  5. sweet!
    if we are already done for, who cares! lets forget their crap and do what we wanna do :grin:
  6. Bloody hell, joel. We're doomed. get the bush chook out. I wanna die at your place.
  7. Now i don't know what his actual credentials are, nor have I seen his data. nor at teh end do I (Or you for that matter) know if any one is listening to him.
    But what are your credentials?
    You say you are a "Scientist" what field?
    You keep assaulting us with your vitriol but you are obviously so damned biased that if you have any scientific qualifications you don't have a scientific mind. that is obvious. So... What field of science are you qualified in PP?
  8. And....these are the nuts that people aren't listening to:

  9. It certainly would be pretty interesting to see how the world deals with supply vs demand for land-mass when the supply is diminishing ^_^


    Whatever happend to the water wars we were supposed to have? I thought we'd be out of drinking water before we're out of petrol or something?
  10. Quick Wikipedia check:
    Lovelock was born in Letchworth Garden City. He studied chemistry at the University of Manchester before taking up a Medical Research Council post at the Institute for Medical Research in London

    In 1948 Lovelock received a Ph.D. in medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Within the United States he has conducted research at Yale, Baylor College of Medicine, and Harvard University[1].

    A lifelong inventor, Lovelock has created and developed many scientific instruments, some of which have been adopted by NASA in its programme of planetary exploration. It was while working for NASA that Lovelock developed the Gaia Hypothesis, for which he is most widely known.

    In early 1961, Lovelock was engaged by NASA to develop sensitive instruments for the analysis of extraterrestrial atmospheres and planetary surfaces. The Viking program that visited Mars in the late-1970s was motivated in part to determining whether Mars supported life, and many of the sensors and experiments that were ultimately deployed aimed to resolve this issue.

    During work towards this program, Lovelock became interested in the composition of the Martian atmosphere, reasoning that many life forms on Mars would be obliged to make use of it (and, thus, alter it). However, the atmosphere was found to be in a stable condition close to its chemical equilibrium, with very little oxygen, methane, or hydrogen, but with an overwhelming abundance of carbon dioxide.

    To Lovelock, the stark contrast between the Martian atmosphere and chemically-dynamic mixture of that of our Earth's biosphere was strongly indicative of the absence of life on the planet. However, when they were finally launched to Mars, the Viking probes still searched for life there. To date no evidence for either extant or extinct life has been found (although interest has recently revived with the discovery of unexpected methane in the atmosphere).

    Lovelock invented the electron capture detector, which ultimately assisted in discoveries about the persistence of CFCs and their role in stratospheric ozone depletion **

    Lovelock was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1974.

    After studying the operation of the Earth's sulfur cycle, Lovelock and his colleagues developed the CLAW hypothesis as a possible example of biological control of the Earth's climate[

    In 1990, Lovelock was awarded the first Dr A.H. Heineken Prize for the Environment by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

    An independent scientist, inventor, and author, Lovelock works out of a barn-turned-laboratory in Cornwall.

    In 2003, he was appointed a Companion of Honour (CH) by Queen Elizabeth II.

    Lovelock is currently president of the Marine Biological Association (MBA).

    **The damage caused to the ozone layer by the photolysis of CFCs was later discovered by Frank Rowland and Mario Molina . After hearing a lecture on the subject of Lovelock's results, they embarked on research that resulted in the first published paper that suggested a link between stratospheric CFCs and ozone depletion in 1974 (they later shared the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work).

    This is not to say whether he is right or wrong but obviously he is well regarded for at least some of his scientific work. He's also on record as being very pro-nuclear.
  11. I've studied Lovelock. He's one of the world's leading environmental scientists, well ahead of his time and was responsible for a shift in the scientific paradigm back in the day.

    Show some respect, if you're not even familiar with lovelock you clearly have no idea.
  12. I have heard of the Gaia Hypothesis, but hadn't been aware of who it was attributed to.
    Obviously his doctorate has little baring on his environmental qualifications, but his subsequent research would indicate he has something of an idea of what he is talking about...

    No PP, can you compete with those credentials before you go slandering his research and talking about how he should be euthanatized?

  13. haahahahah :LOL:

    I'm really starting to enjoy these threads
  14. I'd say I trust the man more than some forum warrior :cool:
  15. :rofl: @ bluesuede
  16. Awww, damn! Only 40 years to do whatever I want. :cry:
  17. No good to me, I'll be sixty next year, and probably won't make 100. We should have started destroying the bozone layer earlier :rofl:.