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Thermo-fan switch VT250 SPADA (help finding one)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Jeepman, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. G'day all,

    Just had a service on my Honda VT250 SPADA.

    One of the things I asked them to check out was why the thermo-fan wasn't working. The mechanic discovered that the fan is OK but the switch is broken.
    The switch screws into the radiator with a wire comming out the back of it that connects to the fan.
    They told me it'd cost about $150 for a new one.

    Does anyone know of any wreckers who might have this part I could get cheaper bearing in mind I'm in Hobart so I'd have to get it sent over to me?

    Otherwise can anyone suggest alternative solutions to this problem?

    I thought about just earthing the wire from the fan and installing a manual switch on the handle bars but I'd prefer a neater solution.
    Thanks for your ideas and assistance.
  2. Manual switch is the go, had to do it on a VF I once owned.

    You can mount the toggle switch anywhere out of sight, and only use it when the bike get's too hot.

    It was a fairly handy mod for the bike I had as the thermo never cut in early enough on that model.

    All up shouldn't cost you more than $10.00 for the switch, some wire and connectors.
  3. Yep, What he said, heat is a bad ass killer for cycles, So slap a switch in and give it a flick when it needs it, .

  4. May i ask what a thermo-fan is?
  5. Or just bypass the switch and have it running all the time whilst the engine is running, although a switch would be the best idea.
  6. Attached to the engine side of your radiator. Thermo because it activates when the temperature of the engine raises above a certain point. Helps to draw air through your radiator and over the engine.
  7. Head down to your local Tandy, Dick Smith or whoever is your current favourite & you might get lucky with a temperature controlled switch. Hobbs do a range of pressure activated ones so its not inconceivable they might do temp. ones. Reducers & the like may also be required to adapt to the radiator but you've got $150 to play with :D Worth a try anyway.