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Thermals Group Buy EOI

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    For the upcoming icicle ride, I am looking to buy a set of thermals to make the ride that little bit more comfortable.

    Who would be interested in a group buy of some thermals. They would be a complete set (top and bottom)?
  2. I'd be interested in a set as long as they come in bat fastard sizes :)
  3. *Puts hand up* What kind/brand etc?
  4. details??? :)
  5.  Top
  6. count me in please
  7. My $0.02c worth.... Speaking as someone with not a lot of body fat, thermals are great. They make a huge difference, but I highly recommend the merino wool ones over the polypropylene. I have used both and the merino ones are much better in terms of warmth when riding. They are also pretty good when indoors, not too hot. They normally cost a fair whack (typically double the cost of synthetics), but if you buy them when Kathmandu do their twice-yearly sale thay can often be picked up for half-price. I got my merino long johns this way for about $50 and they are great.
  8. :WStupid:

    I've got a pair of the Merino thermal top and pants and they are great in the cold! I haven't tried the Polypropylene thermals so can't comment there...

    If I was able to do the Icicle ride this year I'd DEFINITELY be wearing a full set of thermals under my gear and highly recommend a waterproof and windproof over jacket and pants!!
  9. mmm im with them ^^^ merino > polypro.
    ive got both.
    them, under leathers, with water/weindproof plastics over the top, and your warm in any conditions :)