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Thermal stuff... what's the best?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by capri727, May 14, 2006.

  1. Hi guys and gals,

    With winter getting closer I'm just wondering what you all wear underneath... yeah, I know it sounds sus, 8-[ but I mean for warmth & comfort. Is there a preferred brand or style of thermal gear that you'd recommend?
  2. When its really cold, I wear my "touring" pants, with my draggins and thermal pants underneath.On top a thermal shirt, t-shirt and my textile jacket.I usually wear thermal gloves underneath my winter gloves too, its bulky, but keeps me warm!As far as brands go though, Dririder is supposedly the best, but I havent tried it myself.
  3. I use a lot of Wild Country brand availabe from Ray's Outdoors. Long and short sleeved vests, pants, inner gloves and inner sock liners are available here in Mildura.
    Don't know what is available in the major city bike shops though, but there is a limited range ie DriRider branded of gear.
    Reading on an English website, a former courier recommends using a heated vest, before heated gloves or bars. The gloves and bars warmers tend to break the wire connections with use.
    There is also lots of good info on winter riding as well.
  4. Andy Strapz does bike specific thermals, tops $64 long johns $74.

    Damart have outlets throughout Melb. and are well known.

    If you don't mind a ride down to Bass, near PI, try Bass Valley Knitting Mills just off the highway. Both the wife and I have there products and reccomend them. Fair price to boot.
  5. Thanks... that gives me a few things to look at!
  6. Another endorsement for Bass Valley Thermals. Good gear, fair prices and you are supporting a local manufacturer.
  7. Wonder if they will put on a shopping day for members on the weekeds..........

    Might have to look them up and give them a call.
  8. Is there a website for Bass Valley Thermals? It's a bit of a hike from here...
  9. Ignore that last post... I just found it... :oops: :)
  10. yeah i got me some thermal tops and bottoms and i recon they are great
    went riding last night and they kept the cold of my legs
    recomend them

    good luck :grin: :grin:

  11. OIY
    dont listen to him :grin:

    does anyone have the web site ??? Please
    i am sure others would be interested
  12. Cannot find a web addy for them, but details are as follows;

    Bass Valley Knitting Mills
    Corner Hade Avenue & Bass School Road
    Bass 3991
  13. Ok revilo... I hadn't found a website, but I had found the contact details. Close enough.
  14. I predawn most day so it's fairly chilly. I haven't had to load up any more than my moto dry duo pants and jacket with the liners in. Just street clothes underneath
  15. I use Icebreaker which comes from New Zealand and is made from merino wool. Available from Snowgum and a few other places. Check out the web site www.icebreaker.com.
  16. I have a set of Jockey woollen thermals. They are very thin and do a great job, however, I also have a Katmandu polypropelene (?) thermal top, and i think it is better. It has a high neck with a small zip and keeps me nice and warm! :)
  17. You getting an upgrade for your travels south? Like a car.... ;)

    I see some tours to Tassie coming up in my future..!
  18. Polypropelene has the advantage over wool and cotton thermals. This is because a lot of poly thermals are now using a hollow core fibre, which creates an insulating layer with air trapped in its hollow core. The air retains body heat in a nice secure layer between and your outer clothing.
    So look for mention of hollow core fibres or the like.
  19. Have some of these arriving from NZ on Wed - direly needed, 5 layer of clothing (including 2 jumpers) under my wet weather gear & still cold :roll: