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Thermal Imaging Camera's

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Well, technology often ends up used for things beyond the initial design breif.

    Besides, during WW2 a US surveillance team were able to to closely predict the Japanese troop numbers on an occupied Pacific island by watching a latrine set up on a pier and extrapolating from number of visits per hour. Toilet watching has important military value.
  2. they were just checking to see if he was "hot" or not. :roll:
  3. William Gibson has the news (and had it 25 years ago):

    "The street finds its own uses for things."
  4. When you look at the gap between "civilian" and "military" imaging, then look up the fact that many of the released miltairy tapes are using devices up to 10-20 years old....you really have to wonder at the capabilities of the latest/greatest gear. THe black stuff we don't know about.

    Mind boggling.
  5. "our tax dollars"???

    Where does it say that was an aussie chopper?

    Double entendre intended. :grin:
  6. jeez some people are easily fooled

    it's a set-up, for goodness sake :roll:
  7. "If it urinates... we can kill it."
  8. He wasn’t an Aussie, he didn’t write his name on the ground. :LOL:
  9. Is that from "Count Zero" or "the matrix"
  10. Neuromancer, I think.

    Edit: Nup, did the homework and it's even earlier: 'Burning Chrome'.
  11. I remember my old man describing, nearly 30 years ago now, a thermal imaging system which could (a) see the individual pulses of exhaust gas going down the exhaust pipe of an idling Landrover and (b) distinguish a handprint on the front of a jacket for ~5 mins after the hand was removed. Both from maybe 50 m away.

    At the time it seemed like sci-fi.