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There's squid but what do you call this ???

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Nov 4, 2010.

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  2. ResmeN,
    That makes me cringe just watching it....Glad he didn't come off during that shoot !
  3. Nickers330 tell me about it if that happened then that would have capped it off.

    Choose 1 or more of the below applicable : )

    1.He doesn't have money for leathers
    2.The weather was too hot for leathers
    3.He was trying to save on fuel by shedding weight
    4.Showing off to his girlfriend
    5.Rides faster like this
    6.Testing too see what would happen if he fell like that
    7.He thinks he is the smartest
    8.He's advertising real leathers
    9.Forgot his knee sliders
    10.He thinks he has balls
  4. Haha, I'd go with all of those !
    Amazing how they even let someone dressed in that attire (or lack of!) on the track ?
    Makes you wonder - was he trying to demonstrate riding position to the others ? He didn't exactly appear to be a total noob...
  5. Hehe lol. I know that's what surprised me too. Which track in the world would let a rider race with what he's got on.
  6. I call it a rider who is confident in his ability.
  7. Definitely confident and stupid at the same time.
  8. He lost a dare IMO. He's riding like a nanna too.
  9. I'd go with something along those lines as well, perhaps showing someone the muscles that are worked etc. I did have a peek at the speedo and assuming that it was showing km/h the pace was quite leisurely for a race track, still doesn't erase the mental picture of what he'd look like if he came acropper though.
  10. I would have been impressed if he really got his knee down.
  11. Ow ow ow ow..... the pain! The possible pain!
    Who can read that language? What was the point?
  12. quite possibly
    of course he was. He looked as though he is at home on a track given how much trouble he was having keeping the lean angle so minor.
  13. I got this from a translator:

    Personally, I'd be keeping my knee in if that was me.
  14. ..It's not a good look.... eeeuuwwwww!!!
  15. Some "crack" camera work there...8-[
  16. That's just plain stupid, track or no track.

    And for that matter, what sort of track would allow this to take place... Indemnity, hello??
  17. And cringed if he'd have laid the Budgie down :cry:
  18. I just watched it again and geez whichever way you look at it it's dangerous but hey he can now tell his kids he rode around a race track on his motorcycle with nothing on but speedos.

    Can't work out which country it is based on the numberplate but it'd have to be somewhere in Europe.
  19. Did he crash? No?

    Then shut up safety knobs. What do you care?
  20. Yawn!!!