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theres some idiots out there

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by twistngo, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. riding in the rain this morning. there's a bit of traffic about but everyones taking it easy and behaving. then coming into a blindish left hander there's a flash in my mirror and some idiot on a bike goes inside me then swings out and passes the car in front. I'd looked in the mirrors before the corner and only saw cars so he must have passed them and not saw me until too late then had nowhere to go but up the inside. lucky I was on a wide line and saw the flash and stood it up a bit or we were both cactus.

  2. Holy crap!

    I'm a fairly new rider but I reckon many of the bikers who become 'statistics' bring it on themselves. I know this is a part of me trying to make me (and my missus!) feel better about riding a bike every day - but some of the things I see people doing makes me think they're asking for it.

    Trouble is these racetrack-wannabes-in-heavy-traffic may just take you or me out with them. Bastards.

  3. That happened to me once before aswell. On a Netrider ride to apollo bay a few weeks ago. Damp roads (wasn't raining, but if you know the roads down there, they can be damp/wet all day this time of year).

    We are all trundelling along at a decent speed, when all of a sudden a CBR600 i think comes flying up the inside, over double lines, on a blind corner.... with a FREAKIN PILLION on the back!!!!

    I saw the bike in apollo bay and i was surprised he made it....
  4. I would have confronted the ignorant tosser.
    putting his/pillion :jerk: s and all elses lives on the line.

  5. I'm a new rider too and think that the L plate on the back means "let me show you how much of a good rider i am" to other riders... they all seem to fang it past me or do dumb shit just to look cool.... I'd rather ride conservatively and not ask for anything to happen to me than do somethign dumb and put my self at risk....
  6. this is exactly the point that i make to non riders about the whole 'temporary australians' comment. a lot of the time you are as temporary as you wana be. even for "not at fault" accidents, there is still a lot that you can do to avoid such situations.

    riding would be a lot safer, statistically, if you removed those riders with a lower IQ than room temperature, from the data pool.
  7. Oh Noessss! You should've punched her in the vag.
  8. Just wait till you ride home from the Moto Gp or Super Bikes! All the testosterone driven boy racers out to prove they can do it like Stoner or The Troy's!

    While we may be a fraternity ego's still get in the way, however the hoon that scared the crap out of you today may just be the one who comes to your aid tomorrow!!

    It's not so much about how they ride but about how alert & prepared you are!

    Stay safe out there we've already lost too many!
  9. Bit of a scare, I agree. But you were alert and watching out - THAT'S the part you need to focus on. So Kudos to you - seriously!

    While in this case the guy might have pushed it too far, for whatever reason, there WILL be times when a fellow rider just screws the pooch, and you happen to get caught up in it...Good vigilance is your friend.

    I'd much rather ride amongst strangers in cages than amongst strangers on bikes.
    While fairly erratic, cagers can be read, and don't move around too much...whereas bikes can zip here n there very quickly. Makes them very hard to keep an eye on!
  10. Ever thought that maybe he went up the inside because you were sitting in the right side of the lane?
    If you were going the same pace as most cars do in the wet, then chances are you were riding slow.
    While I wouldn't have slung it up the inside, I certainly would've given you a flash and a toot to get the hell out of the way.
    If getting overtaken to the left worries you, keep left. It's that simple.
  11. :-({|=

    News flash: other people may choose to ride differently from you. Get over it.
  12. Yeah well you clearly have the added stability advantage of your large schlong helping you round the corner. For us mere mortals that have to ride within our limits, it was well avoided.
  13. fair enough. but I might hold my line next time and put you in the ditch.
  14. god forbid those who like to stay alive. some a$$hole did that to me i would be having a chat with him at the lights... or hospital
  15. I've only been on this forum for a short time (but i looks at it daily) and the "impression" I get is that a lot of bike riders seem to be a bunch of whiners. Too many threads with riders bitching about on thing or another and how they are going to beat up those people and teach them a lesson.

    Is riding that bad? I though bike riding was meant to be fun.

    Sorry, but i need to biatch too...it is the norm :p
  16. What a load of CRAP. :evil: I don't ride in the left or right of the lane for any tosser to be able to pass me on either side. I ride to be seen and see others and hopefully survive. That means that I sit in the right or left and am always changing my position in the lane to be in the best position for the prevailing conditions, this way I have the best view and can be seen by others from further away. This gives me the biggest buffer zone. If I ride slow when it’s wet, I do so because I’m riding to my abilities and therefore doing so in a safe manner, not for someone else’s benefit. It is the responsibility of the passing vehicle to pass in a safe manner, not for me to get the hell out of the way so as to allow someone else to act in an irresponsible way. With dikehacds like this it is no wonder the authorities (term used loosely) bag motorcycle riders.
  17. :applause: excellent response. move to the top of the class..
  18. goes both ways old son. maybe the liter bike bullies should pull there heads in too.