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Theres hope for an upgrade!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. For reasons that arent important last week the wife ended up following me in the car whilst I rode.

    Couple of days later, completely out of the blue she says:

    "That bike's too small for you - you look like a grown man playing on a BMX. Perhaps you should get a bigger bike?"

    WOOOO HOOOOO.... :grin: Not in a financial situation to move on that just yet, but if thats her opinion I'd be wise to take it on board and follow her advice wouldnt I?!

  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    +1 Ahhhh women can be a pain sometimes but moments like these make it all worthwhile!

    Go for gold and lots of TLC to thank her! Mine came leather shopping with me the other day and was even talking about me getting her something to putt around on :grin:

    Sounds like you have a top wife there. Keep her and the new bike you get :p
  3. Take it and run, run like the wind before she changes her mind!
  4. Good news!!
    BUT .. being 5' 3" 60Kg, I guess I'm doomed to my little 250 forever :LOL:
  5. Nah, you'll get an upgrade.

    my parent's orignally didn't like the idea of me having a motorbike at all, but gave in when they knew they weren't going to talk me out of it (as I was 23 when I bought it and they didn't have a choice)

    But when it came time to upgrade my dad was all for me getting a bigger bike, as he had to come and "pick me up" with a trailer one day as I was nearly blown off the hume highway near Seymour on the 250.

    So you can always try that excuse "it's far safer on the freeway on a bigger bike"
  6. Gold Ash, I love it. :) It ranks with Gassits "Bikes fall over if they don't go fast"
  7. I know what she means though - Wayne looked uncomfortably squashed up on his GPX, and knew he'd have to upgrade ASAP. Now on his ZZR1200 it just looks right. I must say that, on his, my feet can't even touch the ground!
  8. That's a good woman you got there son.
  9. Nice! I love it when you have a win like that with the wife.... but I hate the fact we are all such pussy whipped bastards that we need their approval lol
  10. Behind every successful man... is a successful woman! :LOL:
  11. what you should have said is "get back in the kitchen, i dont tell you you're too fat for your apron"

    then buy her some diamonds :p
  12. Wow, what an excellent result. It reminds me of my experience with my wife when I started looking for a bike.

    It had taken me years to convice her it was something I should be "allowed" to do.

    I took her to the yamaha dealer in my area and showed her the scorpio (I thought it was a practical choice for a first bike). Anyway she takes one look at it and tells the salesman "That's Gay!!". :shock:

    Then she points at a GSXR750 and asks "how much is that?" Well I ended up meeting her half way and got a GS500. I hope to be on the 750 or someing similar in the next 18 months or so. :grin:

    Good luck with the new purchase when the time comes.
  13. and we call them big, they get the shits, they call us big and we get a new bike :grin:

    Way back in March, I was still on my 750 Shadow and came home after a ride and told my wife that I realized that the bike was too small for us both to ride it. And that since I was "pillion-legal" Xmas Eve, I would need to trade-up around November/December to something bigger. She says... "No way.... you're not making me wait any longer, if you upgrade in December, you'll want a few months to get used to riding it before I get on.... and I ain't waiting any longer than I have to!" So about two weeks later I traded up to the 1300..... I get to pillion legally tomorrow, (Xmas Eve) and we plan to spend the whole day on it!

    She also demanded I go with her to the local Honda shop a month or so ago, 'cos she had spotted the saddle bags she wanted. LOL..... God I love that girl!!!!! \:D/
  15. Being married to someone who had her bike licence years before she got a car licence is a good thing. Unfortunately a difficult pregnancy and then health issues ended her riding days prematurely.

    She did make the suggestion recently that I should get a new bike sometime in 2009 (when we can afford one) - even better was the comment "no, another one - don't get rid of the other two, I like them". :LOL:
  16. . . . and behind every successful woman is a man

    . . . checking out her bum! :p :p :p