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There's always One.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Stever42, May 18, 2016.

  1. Taken from VicPol news. Motorcycling legend.
    • WEDNESDAY, 18 MAY 2016 16:36
    Police were left shaking their heads this morning after an intercept for riding on the footpath in Springvale kept getting worse.

    Members from Greater Dandenong Highway Patrol spotted a 51-year-old Malvern man riding a motorbike on a footpath on Springvale Road near a primary school about 9.10am.

    After intercepting the man, they discovered he was not wearing a single piece of safety gear.
    When they went to check his licence, police found it was no longer valid.
    The motorbike was also found to be unregistered.

    The final straw was when the rider underwent a preliminary breath test and returned a positive result.
    He was escorted back to Springvale police station where an evidentiary breath test showed he had a BAC of 0.23%.
    The man will be charged on summons with a range of traffic offences.
  2. I'm only guessing but I'd have to say he is an idiot
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  3. azsaantitled.
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  4. Man, at least he realised the road was far too dangerous with all those nutty car drivers and took the pavement option - give the guy some credit
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  5. how dare they pull him over to check his licence and appropriateness of his protective gear :p
    they're just harassing all bikers maaaaan :)

    this crackdown in Victoria is just going too far....
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  6. It's a safety initiative.
    What are the stats for motorcycle deaths on pavements as opposed to roads? See, problem solved............ the bloke should be knighted.
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  7. nothing but fascist bullyboys
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  8. if kids are on the footpath at 9.10am, they are obviously skipping school (probably to go and commit crimes) and should be punished!
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  9. I'd say he just forgot he wasn't in Phuket.
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  10. probably what he said before heading off... "licence? rego? brain?...Phuket"
  11. Probably a pit bike too.

    I have no sympathy for him, but it has begun - "not wearing a single piece of safety gear"

    The police obviously have an agenda when talking to the media now. He only needs a single piece of safety gear, not multiple items.... So why not simply say he wasn't wearing a helmet? Oh that's right, they are pushing for boots and gloves to be mandantory, and will mention everytime any rider is not wearing them from now on.
  12. Once again an UNRIDER distorting the figures...and motorcyclists getting both the blame and the arse reaming for it.....ffs
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  13. No no I think you got it wrong, they didn't care he was riding on the foot path, pissed. If he's riding without a helmet he might kill himself and not be able to pay the fine. OMG!
  14. poor bastard was probably just late for school...

    if only other Victorians were just as keen to finish primary school :p
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  15. And the unregistered bit, he wasn't on the road......
  16. #16 oldcorollas, May 19, 2016
    Last edited: May 19, 2016
    don't need to be (on the road to get busted for no rego)
  17. What a fcuktard....
  18. Well he was pissed, he didn't know that!
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