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There's a new toy coming !! Now With Pics !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blue14, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Yeah i know i am hopeless.. :LOL:

    Pick up a new friend for the 14, a ZRX1200R tomorrow if all goes to plan.. :twisted:

    And yes the blinging has already begun even before i pick it up.. :grin:

    Here are the pics, and yes even a new helmet to match..

    Fitted Megacycle can, gold bar ends, gold oil filer cap, gold swing arm spools, gold valve caps and waiting on carbon tank protector to come. :grin:



  2. Did you know that there are other manufacturers that make motorcycles apart from Kawasaki?

    Congrats btw ;)
  3. Re: There's a new toy coming !!

    congratz on the bike !! and.... pics plz, else thou shalt face thee wrath of Ktulu !!
  5. Ktulu is in the house.

    Your sig should be: PICSORBAN
  6. geezuz man! your rego/insurance bil must about equal my annual salary by now hey! been freakin ages since i saw you hey.. when you gunna drop in to a monday night??
  7. What colour and what bling have you already aquired?
  8. Congratz on the new bike.
  9. i do love me a new toy...

  10. :popcorn:

    pics please. [​IMG]

    Another Kwaka eh?? The man knows when he's on a good thing [​IMG][​IMG]
  11. Why have scooter riding little girls in pink tutus suddenly invaded this forum?
  12. Cheesus!...I thought this years bike show was still being held at Jeffs Shed...I had no idea it had moved to YOUR place!... :p :p

    Big Zed!...nice bike. :cool:
  13. Where've you been Paul? We've missed you :)

  14. ......referring to????????

    (from a scooter riding OLD girl, who hasn't worn a tutu in a long, long time-pink or otherwise!)
  15. Pauly,

    can you go 6mths without buying yet another toy? [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Too busy shopping I guess [​IMG]
  16. Re: There's a new toy coming !!

    You'd think he'd know better :roll:

  17. Honestly - you can't help yourself can you. :p
  18. Ok pics will come soon.. :grin:
  19. Ok you gumby faced blockhead.

    We want pictures damn it....I am sick of checking this thread everytime its updated in the hope that I'll get to see a picture of a bike I have not seen before.
  20. :WStupid: exactly what i was gonna say....