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There's a nail in my tire.....

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by owenst, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. I was recently inspecting my tyres and found the flat head of a nail in the rear one.

    Should I leave it or should I pull it out? I am worried that if I pull it out it will make things worse but it cant be great to leave it in either can it?

    Its going to bother me every time I get on the bike, you know worried my rear tyre is going to go bang all of a sudden.

    Any thoughts, experience of similar things or help offered would be great.
  2. If it's not deflating quickly then leave it in but get it fixed asap.
  3. If you pull it out it will go pssssshhhhhh,ride to the nearest bike shop that does tyres and let them change it,do it asap,go straight there and dont hoot there,tukiteasy.
  4. leave the nail in and take it to a bike shop, if its still got enough tread on it they can put a tubeless plug in it. otherwise if the tread isnt legal you'll have to get a new tyre
  5. Yep, as everyone said, leave it in and head for a garage! It isn't too expensive - the same thing happened to me recently and it only cost me 40 bucks.
  6. same thing happened to me

    took the rear tyre off myself and the shop fixed it for free due to much less effort involved on their part
  7. I recently took a rear tyre to a shop local to me (who shall remain nameless) and they refused to fix it despite it having atleast 2mm of tread ABOVE the tread wear indicators. They said it was store policy (or some BS) that if it was more than 50% worn they wouldn't repair it!

    Begrudgingly i bought a new rear tyre from them. :cry:
    Whats worse is that i had been getting my tyres from that store for the last two years and got to know the guy in there quite well... then he moved on only to be replaced by some tosser who knows S.F.A about bike tyres. :evil:
  8. Same thing happened to me! Took it in to Peter Stevens tyre service in city, they fixed it for $50.

    Advice was if the nail was in middle of tyre tread, easy fix, but more dicey if further torwards edges.
  9. DONE

    Its in the shop getting done now, thanks for the tips, the guy said it wont be more than $50,

    And then all was well in the land of rear tyres...........
  10. Same situation here, I've got a nail or screw in the rear tyre, about middle, its flat now. Had the bike towed home on a trailer, not sure if it can be fixed, or if it will be safe to be fixed? or will I have to replace the tyre. The bike is considerably older than most bikes on the forums, and the tyres are a bit thinner too.

    Gonna give the local bike shop a ring and enquire later today.
  11. You actually may be luckier; they may be able to put a tube in the tyre and all will be fixed. Most modern bikes have tubeless tyres and you have to plug them...
  12. Well thanks for that, just hope having a hole in the tyre doesn't have any effect on the grip, namely in corners.
  13. .....dear Liza, dear Liza
  14. :shock: Ya got me stumped?

    Anyhow just back from the shop, they chucked a tube in, $30 it cost, just thought i'd report what happened :grin:
  15. With what shall I fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry?
  16. :LOL: Ah ha! it all makes sense now...

    I'll fix it with duct-tape :grin:
  17. I knew I could count on you Loz.
  18. Argh... got a nail in the middle of my rear tyre ](*,) went out to the bike this morning to ride to work and my tyre was completely flat... got it pumped up with a foot pump and took it easy on my way to work

    Is it worth plugging it?? Is this just a short term fix, or will the repair last?? Never had a puncture repair job on a tubeless tyre before so just curious...

    If it's more than just a short term fix than I'll be taking it in to Peter Stevens today to have it done, otherwise I'm shopping for a new tyre :-k
  19. get yourself a pucture repair kit around $20
    you get the tools and the plugs to fix it yourself and when you do you have another 4 plugs left over
    you save $30!
    and another $200 if you happen to require the other 4.

    I've plugged both the front and rear tyres and they have both got over 6000km no problems.
    Mind you they were both in the center.

    also helps to have a power operated air pump $14 at k-mart.
  20. That's an emergency fix.

    Proper fix is a mushroom plug fitted from the inside. They're reliable but you can't have more than two such fixes by law and you can't fix a sidewall puncture.