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There's a lot to be said for nightshifts...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, May 31, 2006.

  1. Did a nightshift 8pm to 7 am last Sunday night. Which meant I was just "waking up" at 8am on a Monday and didn't have to go to work with the sun beaming down. What a brilliant opportunity to do the Old Road. First time I have been on the Old Road that early on a weekday. It was absolutely perfect. No traffic, only one cyclist on the entire Old Road. Was the first into the Road Warriors for breakfast. Was a tad cold but it didn't matter. It was Nirvana. Continued on via Spencer/Wisemans Ferry. It was the first proper ride I have done since my stack and it was just what I needed. The boss couldn't work out why I was so keen to do another night shift after the first one!

  2. thats why i loved doing nightshift myself at my old work, u get the whole day to do whatever u want
  3. until Dec last year I was a permanent nightshift Maint fitter 12hr/5 &6 days a week for 15 years. Apart for the fact N/s people only sleep an average of 5 hrs a "night" it left a lot of time to do things. :grin:
  4. Yep I've worked nightshift before - but I usually found the only thing on my mind at the end of it was sleep :LOL:. Was definately nice to have the afternoon free though.
  5. yea i agree alot of time to do thing.
    my self i work 5-6 nights a week managing a pub then go to uni full time during the day, only three days heeheh the rest is for riding. :p

    What i have found is that you become very lazy during most of the day and only purk up around 3 4 pm

    how about you guys
  6. Didnt like nights that much, found my body clock was out for the next few days after,prefer days much more, cause after my 7-3 shift i have the rest of the day to do what i want.
  7. Ive always wanted to work 2-9pm as a normal thing. Lets you wake up earlyish, lots of time to either ride or do whatever. Or on the flipside, catch up with friends at pubs etc just as you finish work and the night is 'just starting' anyway for people. (well lots of my friend usually just start heading out about that time anyway :) )
  8. I used to work 6am-12noon 6days a week, was great, get good sleep, home for half the day, wish I could find another job like that :cool:
  9. You can jam your night shift up your @rse. Anyone I know that has done it for any length of time seems to age at an alarming rate.
    Afternoon shift -now we're talking. 3pm-11:30pm -home & asleep about the same time as normal day shift. Still got most of the day left when you get up -at a normal hour :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Im with roarin on that one.....nightshift licks donkey balls,
    Im not doing it but Lil has to do a lot of split shift work and starts at 11-7am then goes to bed gets up at 7pm snooze till 9pm then gets ready and off out again. And when she comes off the nightshift it takes her 2 days to get any fun out of her and then she starts all over again.

    I hate the nightshift.......be needing some new riding buddies in a month or 2.
  11. I only work night-shift, have done so for the past 7 years now.
    Love it.
    Body clock is fine, it's the people who do a roster of day, arvo, nights, that suffer from tiredness and other ailments.
    I'm not at my best if I have to get out of bed before 10am on a day off I'll admit. But then I frequently don't go to bed until about 2am.
    But a quick bit of exersise in my home gym and a shower after and I'm fine for the rest of the day.

    I do 6pm to 6am. Home by 7am. Into bed, up at about 2.30pm.
    Bit of weights or a few minutes on me boxing gear, get the blood circulating. Shower, cuppa and off to work again.
    I normally have brekkie when I get to work. LOL.
    Lunch is about 9pm to 10pm.
    Another snack at about 4am to 5am and I ride back home at 6am.
    Working during the day sux, especially during the summer.
    I do four nights on and four off.
    When most of you lot are slaving away at work I'm out on the bike or kayaking, or snorkeling.

    My friends call me a vampire, I say no, no, I'm like Blade, a Daywalker....LOL.
  12. Yeah when it comes to working 8 hour shifts 3-11 can't be beat. Allowed me to work full time and still attend Uni during the day
  13. i work nights full time and on my days off i work agency work which is sometimes day shifts , thats screws the body clock around .
    hardly ever feel refreshed , operate on sleep depravation most of the time , but you have to earn a crust.

    night shifts good , no phones , no boss's , no politics and you dont have to speak to anyone .
    after 7 years of nights you become an unsocicable bastard .
  14. I'll give you some tips for night-shift.

    Always go to bed at the same time when you get home.
    Always get out of bed at the same time later in the day.
    When you get out of bed do something to get the blood flowing, I find that's the most important thing right there.
    I've got weights, boxing gear and a couple of bicycles.
    Five minutes after doing any of the above and I feel fine.'
    Getting out of bed and having a coffee, a fag, and logging onto the computer or turning the telly on and just siting there is useless.

    If (like me) you're lucky enough to live next to a river or the ocean, go outside and dive in and do a few strokes.
    When I'm really tired and I have to get up early on my first day off I frequently dive off the wharf, that's a sure fire to wake up! Yes I do it in the winter as well, water temp don't change much.
    If you've got a swimming pool in ya back yard, use it!

    Night-shift work requires a routine, find one that suits you and you'll be fine.
  15. After 16 years of rotating shifts I am starting to get jack of it. When I started on the old 8 hour shifts I was like a few others in that the 3pm-11pm shift was my favourite. Time to do thing during the day and time to socialise after work. I've been on 12 hour shifts for the last 8 years and they drag. 7-7 on both shifts and do them in blocks of DDN, DDNN, DNN. All over the shop & hard to get into a routine. The only thing I routinely do is go to bed as soon as I get home from nightshift and get 4 hours sleep.
  16. The way your shifts are organised is crap mate, any occupational health and safety official would tell your company to re-arrange the shifts for the employees health.
    Maybe you should look into that idea.

    It should be DDD DDDD (or NNNN) then NNN (or DDD)
  17. donkey's balls my eye! night is the only time to work. i did the old road once at five am and im really glad i did, cause, you know, i ran out of options.

    these days when i write my book [stumpy's birthday] i start at 11pm and go till the sun comes up. it usually finishes with me thinking, 'hmmm, its morning, i should stop drinking now, otherwise i'm having scotch for breakfast'.

    so whats DDD? is that a bra size? lol
  18. DDD is for satan worshippers with implants.
    NNNN is for Nun's with breast reductions.

    Didnt they teach this stuff at highschool when you went through?
  19. I worked afternoon shift for 10 years and loved it. Now i do three twelve hour shifts, 6 pm to 6 am always sun mon tues, and love it even more!

    No bosses, no bullshit just do my work and go home. Having every wed thurs fri sat off is awesome. Oh and no traffic rocks too, its all goin the other way!!

    Its amazing how quiet all the good roads are midweek, perfect for a ride in the hills. :)
  20. I have been doing shift work for 7 years,
    And i would KILL to have a roster DNDNDNDNDND DDDDDD NNNNNNN what ever they give me.

    I ring work at 3pm "ever day" and they tell me via a message what shift im on for the next "DAY" .

    Shift start ...5am 10 hours{day shift}
    Where im working ..., wollongong.
    Job im doing .....,50 Ton forklift driver.

    The next day ,{nightshift} it's 11pm 7 hours ,sydney harbour {one of 3 locations}Loading passanger ships with beer, food , bags ect.

    Next day ,NO WORK.

    Next day, {evening shift}2pm 8 hours, botany bay.
    Truck driver 4 hours -crane driver 4 hours.

    Next day {day shift} 6am 12 hours .
    Driving new cars off ships.

    MMMM wonder where and when and what job im doing tommorrow IF even im working at all ???,OH well...
    i wil just ring up at 3pm and see .

    So stop YA whinging LMAO.

    What a life i will have and love ,if i just new if i got work the next day.