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There's a car stopped in the middle of street. What do you do?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mouth, Mar 10, 2015.

  2. It wasn't around a blind corner... Yesterday when it happened to me, I asked the driver if they were ok and moved their car to the side of the road for them.
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  3. Nice escape.. That could have gone very badly

    Rather than going off at the driver though they could have checked to see what the issue was and assist in moving the car.
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  4. Hmm could have been nasty. A stopped car in lane is a confused driver. They could bolt in any direction. Just goes to show around a blind corner could be anything. Even if you have ridden that road multiple times and know it well, conditions change.
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  5. 1. check for heart attack
  6. Take avoiding action. Shit bricks afterwards. Optional; remove bricks from shorts..
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  7. should of slammed up his arse
    that would learn him
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  8. I'm a novice rider, but I must admit I struggle to see how riding at a speed you can't stop in for what you can see is much different to tail gating. That car could have been broken down, stopped because a kid jumped out - a bunch of deer crossing the road, fallen tree, accident, a list of things within reasonable possibilities. They did well to dodge, but the attitude that it was 'all the cars fault' with nothing to learn from it is what concerns me.
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    That's a little harsh. Everyone has to ride within their limit and capability.

    The two guys shown were, otherwise they would have just smashed into the back of the car and written themselves off.

    ajriderajrider, if you're not confident that you can stop in time or avoid a hazard, then slow down.
  10. yes I agree with you one hundred %
    but re read his post slowly this time and you might see that he is really saying every one who goes a little bit faster than him is really really dangerous
  11. I read his post and I do disagree with it. I also don't think he has any right to tell me or others how to ride. I didn't feel the need to insult him though.

    He also advised that he was an inexperienced rider. There are always going to be the inexperienced people in this world who think they know better than everyone else.

    The thing is, he has a point on the riders attitude as well. That was an opportunity for them to learn from. We have to take responsibility for our actions.
  12. well there you go
  13. Wow - you guys really did misread my intentions. Sorry if you thought I was having a go at you or telling others how to ride. I was not.

    I certainly don't believe anyone who rides faster than me must be dangerous, nor was I telling anyone else how to ride. I was simply drawing a parallel from my understanding between the ability to stop or avoid an incident whether it be distance between the car in front, or distance between what you can see visually.

    I know I have much to learn, and I never want to get to a place where I think I know it all. If this is wrong, I'm wanting to learn if you are happy to explain it to me?
  14. It's really all an individual thing and how confident you are in your own abilities and reaction times. Positioning in the lane also makes a huge difference.

    Some people think I follow too closely, others see it as a calculated risk. It's an individual thing, we all have different styles. Different things work for us.

    As I said before everyone has to ride to their own limit and capability.
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  15. Anybody notice the wheelie bins at 21s. This is a residential area.
    The best I can say for these numbskulls is they are on bikes to unlikely to kill anyone else.
    Unless it's a kid on a bicycle or a lady with a pram.
  17. If I found myself in the above situation, refer to gunissangunissan 's post.

    I did have a little old man stuck on a median strip with his wheel spinning uselessly an inch off a concrete plate. If he suddenly found traction he would have shot out across the road and into traffic. I stopped in a reasonably tidy fashion for a newbie and gathered some help to give him a gentle nudge.
  18. No, we didn't.

    No, you weren't. Otherwise, you would have realised they did avoid an accident, rather then carried on like they had something to learn. Being able to stop within the distance you can see is simply not reality. Being able to avoid a hazard in the distance you can see is a different thing completely. It is not reasonable to expect a car to be stopped in the middle of a lane at the end of a bend, just like it is not reasonable to expect a cop car to turn around in fog for the those more equal animals to grab some doughnuts.
  19. I suspect that was purely a release after a a major adrenaline rush. Probably the first breath taken since spotting the car. I would have been quite happy with that outcome in the circumstances.
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  20. I'd have done that but probably in a different order.

    Very unusual place to stop right in the middle of the lane, probably would've realised that a short while later and gone back to see if they were ok. Know of 2 people who've died of heart attacks while driving.
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