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There was Vicpol movement at the station...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Greydog, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. On my way into work this morning - aprox 8am ish - decided to go down the Dandenong Bypass, and spotted a huge collection of Vicpol cars, HWP and bikes gathered at the fray. They were obviously planning something...

    Plus there was a speed camera being set up.

    Just a heads up folks.
  2. Krispy Kreme truck rolled over?
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  3. Sounds like a good time for an airstrike.
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  4. Actually..you probably would have wiped out a goodly chunk of the SE region cop cars.

    If you'd waited another 5 minutes, you could have added another bike I saw on Cheltenham Rd, obviously heading over to joiin the soiree.
  5. They're all in one place! Quick everybody steel stuff!
  6. police union want more money?
  7. [MENTION=36753]Smile[/MENTION]dude, don't you mean copper stuff?
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  8. :applause: good call!
  9. Probably an ANPR sting.
  10. As I used to see on a sticker on a level crossing near my previous residence:

    "Victoria: The place to be fined..."
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  11. Sounds like it.

    Was the 'speed camera' a device on an arm attached to the rear/side of a van? If so they are checking number plates for outstanding fines/warrants.
  12. Yep. They're running short on cash. I got done last week :(
  13. No, it had just been hauled out of the back of a car, and looked like it was on some sort of tripod stand. Hadn't been set into place yet though.
  14. Ah... the ANPR set ups that I've seen around look like this:

    (Not my pic... I stole it from the Herald Sun.)
  15. Quite possibly like that. Didn't look as tall tho, but maybe the stand is extendable.

    But could be wrong - I was going past at around 83 ish.

    No, I wasn't doing a wheelie... I wonder if they'd broken up their meeting to pursue me if I had (as if I could :) )
  16. looks very vulnerable to a passing cricket bat
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  17. Not all of them are on the arm. Some are on a small tripod (I've only ever seen the tripod version in use). I'd say that it's likely that this is what GD saw.
  18. There are other tripod mounted devices where the gadget hangs low between the tripod legs, I've thought they were the pollution detectors that detect smoking vehicles and the EPA then fine them. I didn't think police operated them though. Chances are what you saw was one of the number plate recognition setups. One I saw in Racecourse Road in Newmarket was attached to the rear window of an un-marked station wagon, a bit like a drive-in speaker mount but on the outside looking back along the road.
  19. they were out at buxton over the black spur sunday arvo too.... with two sets of police either side...
  20. A whole stack of them on the Princes Hwy near Supercheap this morning. Had the cones out, but no booze bus in situ, so not sure what they were doing.

    Maybe the bus was late. Was playing havoc with the traffic, but mostly in the non-peak direction. Of course, everyone who WAS in the peak direction was slowing down for a look.