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There is no god

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by middo, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Or if there is then he is a right bastard.

    Exhibit A: The March Fly. What kind of twisted bastard would invent March flies? I got bitten by one on the bum crack while blowing up the ute tyres after being at the beach. Hate them. Hate them. Hate them.

    OK, back to normal programming now.
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  2. Yes but I counter that argument with farts. How could something that sounds so funny also smell hilarious by coincidence? Only a divine influence could possibly have created farts.
  3. Smiledude....you obviously haven't been exposed to my son's farts! God help you if you ever are..... Nothing fun about the smell........sound maybe, but the smell?...... No..
  4. Will be funny for him when he Dutch ovens or giant burritos somebody.
  5. I rest my case.
  6. God is a civil engineer... Only a civil engineer would design a sewerage outlet in the middle of a recreational and entertainment area.
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  7. Nods!
  8. I'd prefer to think adjacent rather than in the middle, but each to their own :)
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  10. ask Smee
  11. Ask me what?
  12. There are thousands of gods. March flys are probably the work of old testament god, that guy is a prick.
    Farts would be from Momus, god of satire and mockery. Though none can stand up to the great FSM.The earth's flaws are due to his heavy drinking, but we all make mistakes...
  13. They smell so that deaf people can enjoy them too.
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  14. If a paranoid schizophrenic is born deaf do they still hear voices?