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There is a dog......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Apologies in advance if this should really have been a continuation of my 'flying pannier' post, but this is really about insurance, or at least one insurance company employee.

    I phoned a certain well known insurance company specialising in motorcycle insurance, no names no packdrill, but it begins with 'Q'. I felt an irresistable compunction to tell the truth and didn't really expect much sympathy, so was shocked senseless when the young lady in the claims department INSISTED on pointing out that since the locks are supposed to be foolproof the fact that the pannier departed MUST have been due to a faulty lock. Therefore, since the panniers were purchased new with the bike they are covered by my policy, although not the contents (just my lunch and a thermos flask).

    This is the first time in quite a few years I have had to make an insurance claim, and really don't recall such understanding being the norm. Did I just happen to get a really decent person, or are insurance companies much better than they used to be in accepting claims?

    One very happy bunny.........
  2. Quick, go out and lose something else!!!
  3. Now where did I leave that Maserati Bora?.......
  4. A man with taste! Pity it was about the last decent thing Maserati ever built (and it was a Citroen too)
  5. Actually I believe it was the ONLY decent thing Maserati ever made, but oh what a missile.....a decade ahead of its time.
  6. I don't know about the only thing...wouldn't mind one of those old GP racers.

    But yeah the Bora was a great car. Slower and heavier then it's competition (like the Countach) but having driven some of the competition (like the Countach) at least the Maserati was a practical, safe, vaguely sensible car that didn't have pillars in stupid positions.

    And it's the only one that still looks good 30 odd years on.
  7. Go out and buy yorself a lottery ticket
    Oh, and ask the company if they have a tape recording of your conversation that you can play back to yourself the next time some bozo gets you down.
  8. Yes.....it was a bit like the Jota was to bikes, not significally better at anything (except maybe styling), but oh so good at everything.
  9. Are you sure you're not confusing it with the Citroen SM (Sports- Maserati)


    (One of the three factory RHD cars built is here in Melbourne)

  10. No he is not. The SM was in fact a spin-off from the co-operation between Maserati and Citroen on the Bora.
  11. I stand corrected. Maserati are the only "exotic" make I've ever really liked (except for a 246 Dino :LOL: ).

    I've also been partial to Citroen since I drove a friends DS21 and CX2200.
  12. Everything you could want to know about any italian car

    Clearly you haven't seen the new Maserati MC12 then.
  13. Yes I have...If I wanted an Enzo I'd buy an Enzo.
  14. What sort of bike is a Maserati MC-12? :p
  15. It's a $800,000 quad.
  16. I have, nice, but it is not a 'milestone' vehicle like the Bora...or the GT40....or the Honda 750/4 or 2CV for that matter....
  17. Interesting that this discussion which seems to have begun about insurance companies and has degenerated into talking about Italian cars (mostly) should have the title, "There is a dog" !!!
  18. Last time I looked the GT40 was American....the 750/4 was Japanese...the 2CV was French......italian mostly?
  19. Not an answer I would have expected, but gold, nevertheless!!