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There is a Dog, and he must love me, I just won a scooter!!!

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by incitatus, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Well, bugger me, I just settle in for a few months of planning my next cunning bike purchase, a cafe racer project, when out of the blue I win a scooter! A Piaggio X9 250. I don't even remember entering the competition, it was one of those charity raffle thing where they get primary school kids to emotionally blackmail you at your own front door. I don't have it yet, It's being handed over on Saturday, sooo apparently I'm going to be a scooter rider. Does anybody know anything about the X9 250? is it any good?, does anybody have one? what's it worth?

  2. Heh, if there's a dog, he has a sense of humor - give the free bike to the b&#*$@ who has the most toys already!

    Seriously, congrats, and have fun with it!
  3. ^ wot 'e said!!! You lucky dog, Inci!!
  4. the X9 from what I hear from scooties at work is that its a damn fine piece of machinery. Should come with a latte holder for you, so you can can ride AND drink your coffee.
  5. I see the bike for next years Scootathon already....

    Well done you lucky bugger! Maybe a trip across to see us in the East?
  6. And from that link it is a retro scoot, so just your style Ini...

    Your Dog must realy be watching over you.
  7. Re: There is a Dog, and he must love me, I just won a scoote


    I don't remember entering, but apparently I won 27 million US$ in the annual Dutch international sweepstakes. I've paid the clearance fee of US$5000 but the balance should arrive any day soon. :p

    Well, congratulations on your win! I've never won anything of that significance (a cd-rom game in 1996 was my best). Will you consider keeping, giving away, or selling the sizeable piaggo?
  8. Well done Inci, me thinks I might enter more raffles in future! :grin:
  9. So is this scoot something that is going to be ridden incitatus? :)
  10. How is an old rocker gunna go on a scooter, don't let your old mates find out. Well done mate, now you have the deposit for the trumpy :grin: :grin:
  11. Re: There is a Dog, and he must love me, I just won a scoote

    I really don't know. I will definitely ride it a bit and then decide. Selling it could bring forward my cafe racer project, but I don't know, I might even like it!
  12. Oh no, it's begun. :)
  13. Re: There is a Dog, and he must love me, I just won a scoote

    myself (and possibly some others)
    would delight in having a scoot' lying around to jump on at anytime,
    for things like popping down to the shops or going to mate’s house around the corner.

    the big difference is you have the perfect excuse,
    "well, i didn't buy it" :grin:
  14. Nah, the retro looking thing is a different scoot.

    This is the x9 250.....


    Not a bad looking toy, and being a 250 should have a bit of go for a scoot.
  15. Looks like an FJR 1300 that got shrunk in the wash!

    Congratulations, inci. I guess you'll be selling the Ducati, then? :p :LOL:
  16. Yeah right........
  17. Hey - that's pretty cool, congratulations. Always nice to receive an unexpected pressie :)
  18. welcome to the club mate ;)