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There is a car up my arse AGAIN

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Moby78, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. :furious:

    Please post your tips for keeping cars from sitting on your back tyre.

    I am new to riding and this is really getting to me. If I need to slow rapidly one of the many dickheads that sit right up my arse is going to kill me.

    How can I fix this?

  2. Are you an L plater? Try riding without the plate just once and see the difference.
  3. 1. If you are in the right lane, then pull into the left lane & let him past
    2. If you are already in the left lane, then pull over adjust your gloves then reenter traffic
    3. Pull into a servo, relax, have a nice cold or warm drink
    4. if you are keeping a 3 sec or more gap to the guy in front you most probably wont have to e-stop anyway
    5. so dont stress about it, stay calm, this is common & shouldn't ruin your day
    6. the longer you ride the more you will relize that its safer to ride abit faster than traffic to stay safe, but thats one you get comfortable
    7. if some one really wants to get past you just let them, remember your on a bike, you have no bargaining power out there!
    8. Remember your are on a bike you can out accelerate most cars out there & place your self at just about any position on the road
    9. Google "motorcycle roadcraft" & learn as much as you can
    10. Good Luck!

    just my 2 cents
  4. I am an L plater but I dont wear the plate. It keeps happening along the local road works. Road surface is very poor and in places cant be seen until I am on top of it. Concrete barriers to the left (no pull over room) cars oncoming to the right. Moron up my butt. One hole in the road I need to slow to get around and I will get hit.
  5. Mate this is the norm when it comes to road works. They'll always be up your arse in slow conditions. Its just something you gotta get used to, well in the city anyways. Just make sure you've got escape options and watch your spaces like a hawk.

    If they were tailing you in open road however, follow Popeye's advice. Pull over and let the idiots pass.
  6. Yeah open road seems to be fine.

    What I would like is a screen/sign on the back of my jacket with preset slogans like: get of my arse dickface, keep left unless overtaking, you should not be allowed to drive, show us ya tits.

    Probably get run off the road though :)
  7. don't be intimidated and leave plenty of space in front.
    hopefully the car behind gets the idea and backs off.
    when your confidence increases,
    so does your ownership of the space around you.

    definitely stay in the right wheel track of the lane.
    riding in the left wheel track is a sign of intimidation.
    (except the very right hand lane of a multi lane road,
    where you should actually ride in the left wheel track).

    if you find yourself still struggling,
    until you get your confidence up,
    it is much easier to just pull off the road.
    bus stops are good,
    as long as there is no bus coming.

    once your riding skills improve,
    you'll be able to just get the hell outta there.
    sorry to say, in vic it is a lot easier to do.
    since we can filter or split if the situation calls for it.

    i've ridden in sydney peak hour traffic,
    and i do feel sorry for you poor buggers.

    when that guy shut down the harbour bridge,
    (full props to the guy, it was awesome),
    i was amazed to see the bikes just sitting in line waiting.

    i had expected (or hoped) a whole bunch of riders to filter to the front,
    and be the first ones to cross the bridge after it had reopened.
    or at the very least turn around and find an alternate route.

    it made me think how oppressive it must be to ride in sydney, if it extracts that level of obedience.
    would they do the same if some sort of disaster was approaching?!
  8. Get a child sized tailor's dummy and put a jacket and helmet on it. For best results strap plastic bags full of ketchup under its clothes. Ride everywhere with it on the pillion, attached with a makeshift quick release mechanism. Anyone tailgates you, pull the quick release and piss off into the distance while tailgater suffers heart attack :twisted:.
  9. that sign is actually the L plate you should be wearing.
    a lot less confronting, and to the point.

    i can remember back to my L plate days.
    cars seemed to respect the L plate when i was obviously struggling.
    i stayed on my L's for almost the full 15 months.

    it only became a problem when my confidence increased,
    and i found myself at the head of traffic.
    i felt this vibe like,
    "your only on your L's, you shouldn't be here!"
    seemed like everyone had to race me to prove the point as well.

    that's where it is much nicer to have a faster bike.
    if you pull away really fast and make a big gap you're much less likely to have a hero car driver trying to catch up.

    on a multi lane road,
    i like to do about 10ยข above,
    until the hero driver is right beside,
    then slow back to the exact limit.
    then you can sit back and watch him sail away,
    whilst your are sitting in a reasonable buffer zone,
    somewhere between the hero who will get a speeding fine,
    and the peloton, who will eat you alive.
  10. Go at the speed limit or keep up with the traffic flow.
    Glass marbles in your pocket then strategically piff one at the offenders windscreen, they wont see it coming but will have an instant result (of course this is not recommended)
  11. the only other thing to note is that many bike speedos are very inaccurate. just because you think you are riding at the speed limit you could easily by 10kmh under which does annoy others
  12. I've always wondered that Simon, I have people passing me all the time in 80 zones, sometimes faster then I'd expect. Must wonder by just how much it's out by.

    I'm on my L's and have experienced much the same, as well as many cars doing downright stupid things [Once overtaking me on the left and the hway's shoulder on a multi-lane hway].
    On top of what everyone else has said, [minus the marbles and exploding babies, as awesome a story that would be to retell :D], always keep an exit strategy open and if one doesn't exist, look for a place to pull over.
    If there's no distance behind you, make a big gap in front of you to compensate.

    I had some older tourists pull off the road just to let me pass before a twisty bit of road I was looking forward to, gave them a big thumbs up for it ^_^
  13. You can just slightly touch the rear brake, enough for the light to come on,
    without actually slowing you down.
    It's often enough to get a car to drop back a bit....
  14. Are you in Sydney cause I,ve been riding for years and noticed that most car drivers are becoming idiots, they see a bike and think that their ute or shit box can beat it in a race, I was doing 20 over the speed limit and they still tail you, my top speed is faster than most cars bar a few super sport cars which cost $$$$$$$$$$$ but a cop will not accept the excuse, sorry for doing 265kph in a 60 zone because I dont like assholes up my ass. I dont think most cops have writen up a ticket for tailgating a bike ever, probably dont even know how much and how many points, so they just focus on speeding.
  15. forget your speedo. don't look at it, bad habit.

    tailgating, just signal with your left hand for them to back off. like patting the air behind you as if you were pushing them back.
    if that fails, confront them in stationary traffic. approach calmly and all friendly like or they will not wind down their window. then punch them in the face as hard as you can, remove the keys from the ignition and throw them as far away as you can.
  16. these ^^^

    own the road dude, and smack anyone who tries to take it. i can assure you that coming into contact with a car even at low speed (~30) hurts like all fuk, don't let it happen at normal pace
  17. Oh my god, one of very few times i have actually "LOL"ed whilst reading a reply to a thread.

    Dude that is fricken gold!!
  18. This will be my preferred course of action. I'm a big fella, and can be very intimidating when needed ;)
  19. Carver has given you all the sensible ways to go. An ass bandit will be on your ass no matter how fast you go...well to a point.
    BTW 20c pieces wedge well on the left grip against the light/blinker binnacle and make a mess of a windscreen. :)
  20. From the title I was hoping for Jackass re-enactment.