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There are some nutters out there

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kkwall36, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Hi All,
    Just wanted to vent about my commute into work today.

    Coming down Heidelberg Road towards Clifton Hill, in the left lane approaching Hoddle St turn off.

    Traffic is barely moving at this point.

    Suddenly I hear a repeated horn blast to my right and look round to see a Women in a Lexus 4 x 4 turning into my lane and not looking like stopping.
    She is actually screaming inside the car as well.

    To avoid being struck I quickly moved forward and into the bike lane.

    Obviously she wanted to take the Hoddle turn off, and to hell with everyone else. She was making the turn.

    I know I shouldn't be surprised.

    But the selfishness of somepeople never stops amazing me!!

    Rant over.
  2. Alarm Bells started ringing when you said Lexus 4x4 and Women!
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  3. they're 'entitled' :roll:
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  4. I had something similar yesterday, except it was a man in a hotted up commodore, he came tearing up the right hand lane and the moment he was next to me put on the indicator, blasted the horn and veered into my lane all at the same time. There was no bike lane or room to move forward so had to emergency brake.

    A little later as I filtered past his stationary car he stuck his hand out of the window and made a masturbating motion obviously aimed at me, I just thought he's got it right, he is a w.....r.
  5. The only people who drive Lexus 4x4s are despot fashionistas with mansions in Templestowe and businesses in Collingwood. Beware.
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  6. Those alarm bells are deafening today!
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  7. The more credit you give people, the more you are inclined to be disappointed in them.

    Sad but true.
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  8. Yeah, there are a few people that think that the world revolves around them.

    Deep breaths and move on!!!!!!!!
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  9. Yep. Tonnes of stupidity.
    Although the other day while on the back of the partners bike, someone cut across and he had to break pretty heavy to avoid them... the car next to us started beeping at the offending car and screaming something about them being "blind morons nearly cleaned up a bike"... I was like hey, that's my job... but thanks.

    So I find occasionally it balances out :p
  10. Many a close call there, both bike and cage... I rarely use the left lane there now unless I have to turn off..
  11. To be fair I once had to drive a car in heavy traffic and I did want to murder people very quickly.

    I'm actually surprised that all the mugs without the theraputic calming wonder drug known as a motorcycle don't stab each other in the eyes more than they do.
  12. lol, you've already seen people performing this act?? hehe,, Thank christ I ride a bike and I'm from the country.. I value my eyes :)
  13. Just to ask the question to the OP, how long has that poor woman been sitting their patiently indicating while you sat there obliviously watching the bumper in front guarding every inch of "your" place in the cue?
  14. here here Dan.adl what right does Kenny think he has blocking the lane. The cage driver probably selected the right lane because it was moving faster, got to the crest of the overpass, saw the traffic jam on Queens pde & thought I'm going down Hoddle St. Kenny where's your manners. It was a women in a Lexus (probably from Ivanhoe at that)
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  15. When I read the title of the post I had to scratch my head and thought: Really??? - Which Island have you been living on for the past few decades! :)