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There are some morons out there

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by [Freddy], Jan 26, 2009.

  1. http://tinyurl.com/awvefz

    This guy complains about it taking 2 hours to get from Warrigal Rd to Toorak Rd. Now, anyone that uses the Monash knows that this is about a 5-10 minute trip at full speed.

    By the time he got to Burke Rd surely he would of realised it was going to be longer than 20 minutes, it would probably of taking him > 1 hr to get to Burke Rd!

    Some morons just need to take responsibility for their own incompetence, at least sometimes! ...and then the moron rings the Hun to tell them how dumb he is!

    And yes, I know, it doesn't excuse CityLink for giving wrong information.
  2. I rode through the "unsafe section" yesterday at about 730am. They had sawdust over the diesel covering 3 lanes, cones blocking off one lane and it was 40km/h.

    So even if it was open, it would have taken a long time to get through there due to the traffic merging and 40km/h speed limit.
  3. I umpired a semi final yesterday (Sunday) and had to ride down the Monash. Fortunately I was on the bike as I was able to filter through the stationery/slow parts. If I wasnt on the bike, I probably would have missed the start of the game.
  4. I was cruising down the monash on the way to the zoo (in a cage)... it slowed to a standstill at Toorak Rd exit, so I hoped off at that exit and went a different way. I figured it was due to roadworks, didn't realise it was due to a truck on fire... but the effort to get off at the intersection was a lot better than wasting 2 hours on the monash... there are always alternatives
  5. not from Vic myself, but down for a work trip...

    Thankfully I went to work at 6am that morning!!! :D Finishing nice and early!

    Otherwise, being a contactor stuck in a truck for 2 hours would have been a nightmare.
  6. It was due to the truck that caught on fire on Saturday afternoon. They had to re-tar the road ready for the peak hour on Tuesday I presume.
  7. well, if thats the case and they actually managed to re-tar the road within 2 hours... Then thats pretty damn good!!!

    Maybe the angry motorist should have pushed his anger onto the truck driver for it catching fire?