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There are good people in this world

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ultram, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Reading Hornets thread about his lost Ipad and phone has prompted me to tell this story.

    Recently I had an accident on my bike and suffered an injury requiring transport by ambulance and hospitalisation.

    When I arrived in the emergency room there was a buzz of activity and so many things happening, it was all a blur made worse by the pain relief. I can remember my gear coming off but thats about all. They put all your stuff in a big brown paper bag. Later, when things settled down I looked for my watch. I assumed it had been taken off in emergency along with a silver chain I had around my neck. The chain was there but no sign of my watch.

    Several days passed and still no sign of my watch and I assumed it was lost and gone for good. It was a nice watch and cost me about $800, certainly not the most expensive, but not a real cheapie either. I was a bit sad to lose it, and I must admit my first thought was it had been stolen.

    So I am in my hospital bed recovering from surgery and the phone rings. There is a man on the line who asked if I was involved in a motorcycle accident and was I missing my watch. Turns out this guy had stopped to assist following the accident and found my watch on the roadside. With all the excitement he put it in his pocket and forgot about it until after I had left in the ambulance. He had traced where I had been taken and managed to find the ward and bed I was in. Can you imagine how hard that would be without knowing my name or other details.

    We exchanged addressees and he posted the watch back to me. It was unmarked and only required a new pin to secure the band. I sent him a gift as a token of my appreciation.

    There are good people in this world.
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  2. Restores a little faith that story. It's funny how just 'doing the right thing' can mean so much more than the original purpose to someone.
  3. A lovely story.

    Not to take away from he's actions, I think most of us reading this would have done exactly the same thing as this bloke. There are way more nice people in the world than arseholes. You just rarely get the opportunity to be nice but the opportunity to be an arsehole presents itself all the time.
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  4. My grandson had an accident on his way home from work. A total stranger pulled up to help and called the ambulance. The grandson was taken to hospital with some bad gravel injuries but nothing serious. His bike was UN-ridable so the stranger fortunately was in a one tonner so he picked up the bike and on his way to work the next day, dropped it of at my home as it was the most convenient location for all. There are many who do the right thing, are considerate, and willing to help, it is just that only the poor responses that usually make the news.
  5. Nice one Ultram....

    Hope the mending is travelling along nicely - it will be good to see you out and about again :D
  6. Thanks BitSar, I am feeling better everyday, wont be long and I should be back to normal. Sure miss riding the bike.
  7. Nice one...