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There are bike collections, and then there's ......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Having brought up the concept of envy just a few days ago, I must be careful in posting this :LOL:.

    Get your hands on 'Visor Down', a fine Brit motorcycling magazine, turn to page 6 for this picture and then to page 36 for the article that explains it.

    This guy owns 145,000 POUNDS (around $300,000) worth of Ducatis. He bought one, then another, etc, etc, and so it went on :shock:.

    Read it and weep :LOL:.


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  2. Pictures like that make me hate my life :/
  3. he'd need a full time slave cleaning up the oil leaks and fixing the electrics!:popcorn:
  4. A bike unridden is a sad thing. :) Thats how I get over the envy thing anyway ;)
  5. $300000 worth of Ducatis??? His local auto electrician must LOVE him!!

  6. the desmosedici would take up a third of the value, and the 1098R up the back would take a fair chunk too.
  7. Apparently he does get out on them and has his friends to help him. Bastardo!
  8. Yeah, I think that's the Bayliss Limited Edition, it's advertised in 2Wheels at A$59,990 ride away... and Desmo sold for something like 42,000 pounds when they were available.

    Of course, I envy this guy having this much money to spend on bikes but frankly, I don't envy him *this* particular collection. If I were going to blow this much cash on bikes think I'd want more variety, not just one brand...
  9. Imagine running them all at once, the neighbours would be driven nuts by that incessant pinging
  10. But I still envy him!.
  11. It's all relative. In Pricktora, that'd be $5000/year rego, maintianance, minimum 2000/year for off tyres, 200/year for oil filters, 200/year for oil, etc.
  12. It's wheelstanding :LOL:

    I'm not envious of this bloke at all; my attitude is that he's made a pile of money sellling things or building things and if he's got enough cash to splurge on some gorgeous toys, GOOD LUCK to him.

    Incidentally, the article shows many other pics, and the bikes WERE taken out for a breakfast ride. (Just to satisfy your mean streaks, you Ducati scoffers, two of them 'failed to proceed' and had to be left at home :rofl:)
  13. He's just as likely made buckets of money by trading and losing other people's money, or sitting on a property portfolio collecting rent for doing nothing.

    Still the definition of waste, if you ask me.
  14. He's just as likely made buckets of money by trading and losing other people's money

    ... and putting up the necessary finance to start the magazine, yes.....

    see what I mean about envy???
  15. Too much red =/ I hate nothing more than a red bike... I would rather have one green Kawasaki than all those bikes just so I didn't throw up every time I looked in my garage. Red bikes have to be the ugliest things ever.
  16. I actually loved the 'reverse' red and white that Stoner rode with at PI this year, if I had a Ducati, I'd have it painted like that....
  17. Not really, I don't, but that doesn't really worry me.

    Probably just my commie streak coming out again.
  18. Probably just my commie streak coming out again

    So??? The bikes ARE all RED :rofl:
  19. I expect he has that many Dukes so that when he has the time to go for a ride his chance of finding one that works is pretty good ;)

    Obviously he must like the colour Red.

    It certainly is the work of someone with a 'collector' mentallity and not just a person that likes riding. It's certainly pretty unusual for most collectors however when you think about car collectors there's a bunch of guys that specialise in either Holden or Ford.

    Personally I'd prefer a range of bikes of different styles so that I could ride what I felt like that day.

    As for the guy that has the wall-mounted bike, at least I can see why he can only afford the crappiest looking lounge suite this side of Frankston!