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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by doratheo, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Hello All

    I would like some information if the following events as to whether they are running and where the meeting points are along with the times.

    - (VIC) Tuesday's L Platers Night Out
    - (VIC) Wednesday Nights Intermediate Ride
    - (Melb) Pete's Mystery Ride - Thurs
    - (MEL8) Thursday Coffee Night - Northern Riders
    - (VIC) Saturday "all day" weekly ride
    - (VIC) 10am Saturday Learner/New Rider Basic skills practise sessions
    - (VIC) Sundays - Learners / New Riders

    I would really love to attend most of them so if anyone can give me some guidance as to how I get some more details it would be much appreciated.

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone.

  2. Hi Theodora, and welcome to Netrider

    Usually the very first post in the forum about the meeting gives the time, location and a general idea of who (originally, at least) organised it, and for what purpose.....

    I'm sure you'd be welcome at all of them, but I don't know when you'd sleep if you DID :LOL:
  3. All of the information you seek is in those threads, usually in the first thread, but something slightly later.

    Apart from that, they are all still actively running.

    Resmen made a fantastic summary of all of the active rides (only ever so slightly out of date now afaik)
  4. welcome Theodora, normally a 'hello I am' post is done in the WELCOME LOUNGE :) and the Ride Calendar is handy too. A Spenze noted above clickon the link and rol up and say hi to all. If you want learner session/tips we meet sat morn next to st kilda marina right behind the bp servo on beach rd :)
  5. Welcome to NR. (y)
  6. Hi Theodora and welcome to NR

    In answer to your questions, What they said
  7. Theodora find out and im in with you in attending :)

  8. you'll have to change states then.