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Themotosloth !!

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Brodie440, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. hey guys, I just started my YouTube channel which has actually had a lot of work put into it and I'm taking quite seriously. If you guys wouldn't mind giving us a looking at or a subscribe it'd be appreciated. Thanks, Brodie.
    Channel: TheMotoSloth
    Disclaimer: all illegal actions were performed on private property or with permission of locals.

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  2. "If you don't like the way I ride, get off the footpath"
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  3. Bloody pedestrians thinking they own foot paths, pfft I'm on a motorbike.
  4. Rubbish!
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  5. Thank you for your loving words !
  6. Adjust your camera so we can see more ahead and less of your dash. Quite a few vloggers do this and I find it annoying as I keep trying to look up to see what is happening ahead.

    Good luck with it :)
  7. All the trailer footage was my test footage, I now have the camera mounted on the side with a good view of my dash and the road ahead !
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  8. I will reserve judgement. It is getting to be a crowded sector, bike Vloggers. Ask yourself how you are going to stand out from the crowd? What different perspective do you bring to the table?
  9. Anything with that much production value gets a *like* from me :)
  10. Love the outfit, do those pants have the elasticised cuff at the ankle? And are those high top Cons? Awesome!! :rolleyes:
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  11. Good spot haha, they're just chinos
  12. I want to share my love for bikes with the world and hopefully produce some good content out of it. I know it's becoming abit crowded, I aim to brig quality content with a good laugh here and there that can entertain people after their daily grind/people that can't ride all the time.
  13. Ok, Making people laugh is always a good strategy. If you have a passion for anything and it comes across in your personality on to the screen then thats a great deal of the battle. From a technical perspective I would get yourself a second camera so you can mix up the shots. Some on bike some, direct to camera, some voice over documentary style. Some distance bike shots etc. Use a shooting script, it doesn't need to be detailed but have an idea of what you intend to cover in each episode, what camera angles and shots you will use and a rough narration etc. All these pre-preparation things just make it a more professional package. In fact best to sit down and map out in broad terms 5 episodes so you know what you are going to shoot, subject and the timetable.

    Good luck to you, there have been some successful bike Vloggers so perhaps look at some of their work to get ideas for your own.
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