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Them things called dirt bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by belair, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Did anyone go to the Honda 'Come and try' day in Ballarat yesterday? Well I did and what fun it was. I've ridden dirt bikes a little bit but never on a proper track.

    Only did nine laps of the track, on three different bikes but by the end of the day i was knackered. I can see how it is much easier to go from dirt to road rather than the opposite. Going from the "back wheel sliding=bad" mentality to "back wheel sliding=normal" is a hard thing to do. And jumps. :grin: . If only i was good and could get higher than two feet off the ground. Lots of fun.

    I always forget how much fun dirt bikes are. And being able to flog someone elses(that you dont know) bike for free is even better. Strongly recommend Come and Try days.
  2. You get to ride the new motocross bikes or are they more like road/trail types? Maybe both?
  3. I got one of my own, and riding on the road with a dirtbike is kinda boring compaired to the actual dirt. Fish tailing like no other, standing on the pegs while going over massive rock trails and falling off and eating dirt at 60kph is all good times :grin: Even on a tiny 175 it's one mean mother on the dirt and it feels like it wants to kill me sometimes.
  4. Yeah this one was trialling the 07 dirt range. From CR125 right through to the road registerable 450X. And then all the smaller kids bikes.
  5. Must..... buy..... dirtbike..... :shock:
  6. I haven't seen these 'try it' days for dirtbike riding. I'd love to give it a go. These should be advertised in here somewhere. No doubt there'd be a few new converts.

    And while we are here why don't we have a 'Wheelie School' like in the UK? I can't justify the air fare for the course alone. There again they also have a 'Stunt School'. Wonder if they do a two for one. :p

    Where is my money tree when I need it :wink:

  7. There IS a wheelie school... It's called PM Loz or NAM. ;)

    Which reminds me, I worked out how to wheelie a CD250U last night!
  8. Great Loz, can I use your bike though? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I have a feeling your bike (which I saw on Sun in downtown Frankston) may handle a wheelie better than mine :wink: Come on just one go :LOL:

  9. Actually, the VTR250 is one of the best 250s to wheelie... So you've got no excuse! :grin:
  10. Cool. I figure I owe it to all the white bread folk here in Albert Park to master the art :grin:

    When's the first lesson?

  11. I didn't need to read this :LOL:. I am so keen to get another dirt bike. I miss my WR250F a lot!. There is nothing like riding in the dirt, I have heaps of good memories of riding with mates through fire trails etc just having a blast trying to beat each other. Pulling wheelies off every lump in the trail you can find, having hillclimb competitions etc. Awesome fun! :grin:
  12. Yeah i think the emphassis is more on the new model range of the bikes more than the 'try dirt bikes' factor(did get lapped by couple of 6 year olds...little freaks!). But i saw it as an opportunity to ride someone elses bikes for free and have a hoot at the same time. And anybody else could do the same thing really.

    I think i saw it in a AMCN mag in one of those little news snippets.
  13. Yep I would have been keen to give it a go had I known it was on - but I didn't see anything about it (though I don't go anywhere near the Honda dealership in Ballarat).
  14. Hey All,

    I'm new here and this is my first post :grin:

    I started riding dirt bikes 10 plus years ago KX125, TT300, TT600, in between them rebuilt a XS400 which I crashed big time on a firt road.

    Two weeks ago I traded the TT600 in for a new Yama FZ6N. Just love the new bike and clocked up 1400km in two weeks.

    Anyhow back to the thread, I agree coming fom dirt to road is easy, I am paranoid if/ when I loose traction on the FZ6N but as I'm learning the FZ6N more I'm getting more relaxed with cornering, acceleration and braking. I'm so used to taking road everything slow it is quite wakeup on the road, but gez it's fun :LOL:

    I always found I could crash dirtbikes and walk away unharmed, just reading this makes me want another m hmmmm, better go now !

  15. Lol, so what happens at these "come and try days" when you get the back sliding too much and end up dumping it or something, are you up for the cost or does honda havee insurence on this o something?
  16. "Honda 'Come and try' day." My mates and I want to look into getting a couple of dirt bikes. Still if any bike manufacturer are running these sort of days in NSW/Sydney please let me know. I would be SO keen.
  17. Hi and welcome Steve.

    Hope you enjoy it here :grin:

  18. Whippet,

    Thanks for the welcome. Have just been lurking the last few days and reading up on stuff that I can think off.

    You guys sounds like a good mob and look forward to making new friends and catching up in the future.

  19. Don't forget to post an official 'Hello' so you can have a proper welcome - you know balloons, banners and streamers :grin: :grin:

  20. Welcome Steve.

    Yeah, I think thats the best part. You can go as hard as you want without worrying too much about coming off and doing damage. Little different on the road though.

    Im pretty sure its all Honda's responsibility. Although dont quote me on it, i didnt really read the fine print. Alot of the guys were literally riding the bikes like they didnt pay for them though.