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Them scooter things are dangerous, dude!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. I'm doing a fill-in phone monkey job to replace a guy who's in hospital.

    How'd he get there?

    He was driving in his car and knocked a bloke off his scooter. Got out to apologise, offered to pick up the scooter, and without thinking picked it up by the throttle...

    It yanked him across 4 lanes and smacked him into a gutter. Broke his shoulder joint in 4 places, ball and socket both rooted.

    The tragedy of the situation is that if he'd had a video camera on him at the time he'd at least be recuperating with a launge room full of JVC goodies from the Funniest Home Video show.

    Oh, and the scooter rider? Fine, a scratch on his leg.
  2. :shock:

    I guess that's what they call poetic justice!
  3. I'm assuming the scooteristi couldn't reach the kill switch (or was dazed).

    Very sorry for the guy in hospital, especially as he was doing a good samaritan deed, but the hypothetical video would have needed a soundtrack with a Kahmal like version of "karma, karma, karma the vengeful scooteristi"

    Sorry, v tired, caffeine level loooooooooooow.
  4. muahahahaha, ahahahaha, he he he he, oooohh, ah, he hahahahaha

    ouch, stop it.

    So very funny (tragic, but funny).

    This falls into a common class of injury that occurs in many sporting endeavours, most of which can be averted BY LETTING GO!

    Let go of the bike, let go of the rope, let go of the kite, whatever is causing you to be dragged along.....LET GO OF IT!

    I understand it can be hard, I once held onto a boulder that my brother had rolled down the side of a mountain after it hit me. That hurt. Lots.
  5. rofl great post. ^
  6. and how is knocking someone else off their scoot a good deed?
  7. hahaha, i got to that bit, and did that, merhuuuhuh, kinda mong laugh that happens when noone is around and you shouldn't actually be laughing loudly but you can't help it. i know the type you mean. i went skiing once, and a first time skiier didn't know he could let go of the rope after his ski's came off so he held on until he had no breath... he thought it was a stupid sport that makes you hold your breath too long.
  8. LOL

    Dude, the only acceptable type of boulder holder is over the shoulder.
  9. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh, it's so true.
  10. I was referring to him trying to be helpful by picking up the scoot - sorry if the post wasn't clear.
  11. Damn, that's one to tell the grand kids. :)
  12. In the words of that great philisopher "DOH"
  13. First off, damn. that's nasty.
    Second off.
    yeah, it reminds me of the technique to catching monkeys.
    Put a sweet in the bottom of a vase, the monkey reaches in, grabs the sweet, hands turns into a fist, unable to get it out. Unwilling to let go of the sweet. Here lies the connundrum.
    I'm sure I would have held on too! :LOL:

    Hope the guy recovers quickly, that's a real shame considering he was helping the fella who was knocked off.
    best regards to him! :)
  14. So he further damaged they guys scooter, bloody do-gooders.
  15. :LOL: :LOL: Funniest thread Ive seen in ages.

    Just to add to the comment about the good samaritan, they dont normally knock you on your ass before they help you out. :LOL:

    Loz I hope your friend gets well soon.
  16. Whoa, so the dude decided to swing past on his way home from hospital all dosed up with morphine and looking pretty rooted.

    Turns out he's an ex-biker himself, but quit when he lost a leg being t-boned in an intersection by a red light runner.

    He didn't realise the scooter was still running when he lifted it.

    I don't find it quite so funny no more :(
  17. Goes with the saying, no good deed goes unpunished. :LOL:
  18. ha! Very funny thread...........very funny indeed