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^%#*(&$*$ Theives!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mrs Drew, May 23, 2007.

  1. Drew and I got home tonight to find our place ransacked!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their undergarments!

    Drew's Bike is safe though....he's happy about that.

    Not a lot was taken but enough to be pissed off about!

    Just need to vent!!!
  2. Bugger That really sux.
    Karma will get them, but who will get your stuff ?
    Bet ya they try and flog it off to a second hand shop and get busted and you get all your stuff back. well hope so anyway.
  3. That sux guys,

    Hope you get some of the stuff back, or at least have insurance to get you some stuff to replace.
  4. On the good side, it's less stuff to pack up when you next move :? :wink:

    Bugger to happen, sorry to hear :( Are you guys insured?
  5. Ugh!! Bastards! :mad:

    I hope you find those responsible - give them a knee in the nuts when the copper's not looking. ;)
  6. Screw that...
    Get the copper to hold em down and then really give em some pain to remember you by.
  7. Thnaks guys.

    yes we are insurued so at least that is ok.

    PITA i tell you...the phone calls and follow up work is almost worse than the event itself :LOL:

    Lucky there were dumb bastards and only took fairly easily replaceable items...other than the jewelry. htey left all the REALLY expensive stuff behind.
  8. They didn't take your bow did they?
  9. no.... but releived us of most of our DVD collection and some of Sall's jewelry...left the expensive stuff though and took the rest

    would have been sorely tempted to use the bow if i'd found them :twisted:
  10. Ergh, that totally sucks.

    I know for a lot of people the worst part isn't having replaceables go missing, but knowing that creeps were in your house doing whatever they wanted.

    Hope insurance acts swiftly and painlessly.

    Hope the mongrels are dealt with slowly and painfully...
  11. When I saw the thread title and author I thought it was the bike :shock:

    That is the absolute pits...may the rotten scumbags get what they deserve, and then some more :evil:
  12. If it was the bike the title would have been longer. :evil: Bike is under lock and key anyway...it's actually more secure that the house.....no windows in the shed.

    Just hope they get the windows fixed before Saturday.
  13. It's when they come back in a few months after you've replaced stuff under insurance that you have to watch out.

    Happened to two different lots of friends - one in Kingsford in Sydney (he lost the stereo, TV video etc.) and replaced them with all new - and two weeks after they were replaced they struck again - despite the new locks and improved security.

    The other one was in Adelaide and he lost all his CDs - immediately they were replaced they kicked in the door (he'd put security screens on the windows) and stole all the new ones. :evil:
  14. happened to my folks in sydney too. well worth investing in extra security. i suggest flamethrowers on all your doors and windows!

    sorry to hear it guys. good luck with the process.

    they say it's good feng shui too to have less clutter :?
  15. What better proof you have bad luck than having a break-in?
  16. We were cleaned out some years back.
    The loss of stuff was bad, but the mess they made was worse.

    2 yrs later we were still finding things that we had not noticed were missing.

    The B*** even smashed the light globes, and we couldn't see when we got home.
  17. wont have to worry about a return visit... :wink:
  18. G'day everyone,.......

    Sorry to hear about the scumbags mate,....
    I hope you both get your property back and the scumbags get more than thay deserve.

    I wont say what I did when I came home to find a guy putting my things in the back of his panelvan when I lived in williamstown,....Don't want to give you any ideas.
    (He's probably still in hospital!!)
    :cool: :cool:

    Dr Who?
  19. locks and all the security in the world wont help, none of it is designed to keep the bad guys out just the honest ones, i deal with physical security every day ie locks and safes nothing is birgular proof dont let anyone tell you otherwise, locks and the likes are just a deterant, and alll they do is make the location tamper eviedent, meaning you can tell when someone has gained access, tbey can not gain access surrentipiously
  20. Get a small inside dog. Never been burgled in 37 years...............even as a kid we had a small inside dog, and we lived in a very high crime rate area.

    Regards, Andrew.