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theft insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. I had been looking over the net. but couldn't find only theft insurance? insurance company only offer either full or third..

  2. Sorry I cant remember the name of the insurance company but the local honda dealer here used to be an agency for them - offered me just $200 less than comprehensive (about $1000 compo, 800 F+T) anyway so it wasnt worth it -

    It's because bikes are relatively easy to steal so the 'theft' part counts more.

    I dont think it's worth it - just go full compo (if lotsa$$$) or buy one of those alarmed disk locks (if not so much $$$)
  3. well.. i was looking for 1 with $200 max...
  4. The odds of you bike being stolen are higher than having a costly accident. You aren't going to get cheap cover for the greater risk.
  5. insuremyride.com.au has a theft only option
  6. 3rd party property damage, fire and theft is the most common 'cheaper option'.
    Most of the time, fire and theft are included with this, if not its a very minor extra cost.

    That way you'll be covered for theft and if you accidentally run into something expensive, for that too. Worth it

    As a 19yr old male, I had difficulty finding anything cheap, but this kinda deal through AAMI I got for $160/year and i think $700 excess (including the age extras)

    Apparently I'm even insured against an uninsured driver running into me for up to $5k
  7. In my experience that's wrong.