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Theft in action

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by say_wat, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Disk locks certainly won't deter these theifs. I'm sure even an alarm would be only a slight hurdle considering how quickly they did it- it would take longer to run down the stairs with a baseball bat.


  2. :( 30 seconds at it was gone
  3. Bugger!
  4. self destruction bikes.
  5. No such thing as a 'secure' bike :cry:
  6. Hope the bike slid when they went around a corner and squashed the guy who got in and lay down in the tray with it.
  7. Now there is a great idea! Just imagine - your bike is stolen, you call a number to activate the device (just like Mossad :wink: ). and... BOOM!
    Revenge is sweet. :)
  8. Then you remember that you parked outside the other entrance to the mall and that it wasn't really stolen at all.

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  10. That last one was really good.