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Theft deterants, what to get?

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Smitizen, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hi all.

    I'd wouldn't mind some advice on peoples preferred disc locks and or chains? I need some ASAP and thought i'd throw this out there for a bit of feedback.

    I've done a few searches already and have read that Xena are a major pain in the arse and that's about it.

    Fire when ready!

  2. Firstly, I'd make sure your insurance covers theft.

    I'd go the chain, and chain the bike to something reasonable.
    My reasoning is that usually with a disc lock, they'd just pick the damn thing up and put it in a Ute or whatever, drive off and replace the rotor. With the bike chained to something, it would take bit of effort(speculating).Might act more as a deterrent then , who knows...

    Also I'd get a loud alarm, but beware of human apathy...
  3. Yup. Definitely go the chain.

  4. Thats... awesome.
  5. If you had a naked bike you could your chain around one of the chassis bars... they couldn't unscrew that!

    Tie a rotweiler to your bike? :grin:
  6. Park next to a much nicer bike...?
  7. Ignitor Alarm & coated security cable routed through grab-rail then around rear wheel attached to a Kryptonite Ground Anchor.
  8. xena is good
  9. * Disc Lock
    * Alarm with 2 x 120db screamers
    * Engine Imobiliser
    * Parked where I can see it at all times.
    * When garaged.... large chain, large dog & 1,2,3 items

    All of the above.....
  10. Yeah I'd recommend the xena.
    Some reports of them being overly sensitive but mine has been fine
  11. Doesn't matter what you do.

    If they're really determined, some animal will steal your bike anyway.

  12. [​IMG]

    Seriously though, if they want it that badly, they're going to get it ... all we can do is make it harder for the pricks.

    I use a massive steel cable through the wheel and frame. Still doesn't prevent them picking it up holus-bolus and putting it in a trailer/ute. Occasionally, I'm able to secure it to something immoveable as well, like a steel pole or fence. Problem is, the cable's bulky to cart around with you.

    If I wasn't such a tight-arse, and my bike was worth more, I'd definitely fit an immobiliser/alarm combo.
  13. I use a Xena... Never had any problems with it... it is fairly sensitive, but isnt that what you want ?
  14. That was what was on my mind as soon as I started reading this thread. Perhaps that could be grounds to fight the dog on bike rules? :shock: "It's not a dog it's an anti-theft device." :LOL:
  15. I had a xena alarm disc lock...

    ABSOLUTE PIECE OF SHIT :evil: :evil:

    Went off regardless of movement, tried everything they said, eventually cracked the shits and removed the battery's. The physical lock itself is good, but the alarm part was F U C K E D.

    Get a standard disc lock without alarm if you want to go the disc lock method. Get an alarm if you want an alarm.
  16. i have a xena with no issues
  17. are you saying browny has issues
  19. Anyone familiar with Ignitor alarm systems?
  20. Is that where there's some form of pyrotechnic device fitted to the bike which is triggered by a thief and sets the thief alight?