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News The Yamaha DT400 Might be Returning

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Yamaha’s sport heritage range has already proven to be a big hit and it may have a tenth bike in its lineup very soon – this one based on the DT series that saw production in a range of bikes from 1968 through to 1985. While speaking at the European launch of the new XSR900, Yamaha’s Shun Miyazawa stated that, “Now we have the 700, 900 then I think we can definitely do something similar with smaller capacity. It could be DT. After having found SR400, a similar capacity could be interesting.”

    The SR400 is ironically a bike that itself pays homage to the machines of the same era which were road focused. Its 399cc air-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder engine makes 23 horsepower and given Miyazawa’s comments (and Yamaha’s track record of using already existing engines in order to keep costs down) is likely to feature in a reborn DT400.

    That would sadly mean that the modern DT400 would not use a two-stroke mill as it originally had in 1978. It would however definitely further target Ducati and their upcoming Scrambler Sixty2 machine and would quite possibly have a bit more off-road credibility than the Ducati as well.


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  2. ... yes. VW will sell you a car today, which is called a Beetle, which obviously bears some slight resemblance to the original Dak Dak. And you can buy a 'Mini' (which I think BMW make) but it's sure as hell not a Moke. If Yamaha can figure out ways to make current bikes more appealing and successful, good on them, but they're not going to bring back anything like the DT. DTs were brilliant things, all the way from the 125 up to the 400. They were well designed and made, simple and reliable, inoffensive to ride, well priced, they were just a very good thing. They just did nothing wrong. ... apart from make blue smoke...
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  3. Cool - the DT400 was my first bike (many years ago now) and it cost me a whopping $250 with only one previous owner!
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